Jackpot! Three-of-a-kind!
Queen Latifah in Nepal

Dilip is ready!

Dilip was one of those artists who originally only wanted to do certain types of dogs -- Dobermans and German Shepherds.   But I think he now has a secret affection for pit mixes.   100_4219



The above are for the breakfast restaurant Flake in Venice California.  They have a water bowl for passing dogs outside the restaurant.   The first sign got defaced by graffitti so I had Dilip make a new one.   He always gives two choices.   Bodie, the Dog on the left, belongs to the owner and is a particular favorite of Dilip.   The samoyed on the left is Willa.100_4230

This is Dilip's first cat, Poncho!   Nice job.   100_4225

Here is Lasko times 3!   By Hari, Ram Mohan and Sabala clockwise from the top.100_4228

Here are some miscellaneous poodles!   G.G. (2 close-ups) and Madeline.   Hari, Amar, Hari and Ram Krishna clockwise from top left.


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