Queen Latifah in Nepal
Gallery hopping and parties in Kathmandu!

Good news!

It's been an exciting weekend.   Went dancing two nights in a row!   My leg is back!   And best of all, Asha may be in Saudi Arabia, but his artist is alive and thriving in Kathmandu!   And painting Danger Dog signs! In top form!  Turns out Asha isn't the artist!    Here's a fine and welcome sample of the his dogs drying!   G.G., Rico, Davey and Fern have their turn in the sun.100_4314  MB, who has taken over the shop from Asha, has a lot to learn about professionalism from Asha, but really:

1. He came in on a Saturday, and

2. when unsure of what to write in Nepali, he waited to ask.   Danger Dog and Beware are easy for them, Enlightened Dog  and Zen dog leave them wondering and they don't want to do it incorrectly.

Ram Mohan has two lovely daughters.   See below.   I hope.   Pretty dark in these houses.100_4165

And finally some birds are coming in.   My bird artist's phone has been busy for weeks, so I have been giving them to others with great results.   Many more birds coming this trip, including chickens, of course.100_4290 

And Amar is finished with another group.   His stuff is always fun.   I think he likes sleeping or resting animals so much because he's so hard-working himself.100_4370 His colors are really lovely this trip.   


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Kate (Grace and Rico)

These look so wonderful! Also the lovely picture of Rico on the "not by Amar" post!

I can hardly stand keeping this secret from the recipients. Grace and Rico are famous!

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