Look at this line-up!


This is the best part of my trip.   While tardiness is always a problem, it's even more so with less than a week to go!   But I get to pick up lots of signs, cover lots of territory, see lots of artists.   Here's what I find!

100_4651 Above from Amar.   100_4647 Above are parrots by Sabala, Hari Prasad and Sagar (clockwise from top left).  100_4652 Here's Dilip with his portrait of Obama.   100_4640 Surya letters Sabala's paintings.100_4642  Above is the work in progress of Sufraj.   I've told him to watch out for that 'Fair and Lovely' face treatment he's giving Barack.   (Fair and Lovely is the #1 face-whitening cream in Nepal.) 100_4668 And Sonu, Sabala's adopted son, holds a painting of that beautiful German Shepherd by Hari Prasad.100_4649 Inspiration is always around the corner!  


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