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Every Danger Dog has a story - part 2

If every Danger Dog has a story, well, this lovely Rottweiler has a deusy!   100_2466 

One day, I was at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.   A lady comes in, says "You're the Dog Lady."   I agree and tell her the story of the painting -- from the free (psychedelic) misprint of the original photo at CVS, to the story of the 46-year-old artist, Sagar, and why his signature is a Japanese chop  -- she buys this painting of Moose the Rottweiler.   

Apparently she has had her last two dogs stuffed, and proceeded to complain about the $1000 price tag to assemble the skeleton!!!
Her chiropractor suggested that he had to assemble bones in school and it shouldn't take her more than a year to do it herself.

I couldn't make this stuff up.  


100_4544 Here's Amar copying the iconic Shepherd Fairey poster.   I have also given him a photo so he can do his own version. 100_4542 And Govinda is painting his Obama on plywood.   Here's his early sketches of Obama above and some pups below.100_4543  And the final Jerry series is here.   What a difference an artist makes.   These could not be more different! 100_4550 Jerry by Nabin, Hari Prasad and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   And last but not least, more inspiration: 100_4541 Anyone still wanting to order their own Danger Dog should get their order in soon.   That paint has to dry!   Contact me at

Which Danger Dogs would you choose?

More multiples are in.   If these were your pets, which would you pick? 100_4456 Rico the Chow by Sagar, Asha and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   All the artists noticed the black tongue without being told. 100_4458  And here's the lovely G.G. by Hari Prasad, Asha and Hari (clockwise from top left).   100_4457 Here's the final three of the Lion King.   By Ram Mohan, Asha and Sabala (clockwise from top left).  100_4517 More cats!   Meow by Shantos, Fuzzbie, Avoidable Cats and Grey Cat all by Sabala (clockwise from top left).

100_4518 Poncho times 3!  By Sabala, Amar and Dilip (clockwise from top left).  100_4519 And last, but not least, Holly Hobble the 3-legged cat by Sabala, Queenie by Shantos, and the Bo the Jungle Cat by Hari.

Obama in Nepal

I've ordered paintings of Obama from 10 of my best artists and the first results are in!  There will be a show of the Obama series at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in December.  Stay tuned for more info as to date and times. 100_4507 I've finally met the fabulous Sabala and his son!   He has finished 3 Obama portraits.   It's a funny thing...  I've always been told that Sabala was an 'old man'.    Of course, he's younger than me!   And very nice.   His son is shy and very polite.   100_4508 And Surya (above) is like a proud papa.   Many Nepalis have a surprising cynicism about our new president.   They often express hope that all is as good as it seems.   Maybe this isn't so surprising when I watch their politics. 100_4511 Sufraj did a great job as well.   And below:   an Obama by Sabala after Shepherd Fairey: 100_4505 I'm proud of these guys.   And of Obama.