Still no photos


Life has sure been interesting lately in this part of the world!    Luckily Mumbai is 3000 long kilometers away (at least), and the Dragon Guest House is an unlikely target in any case.  

I have so many posts I'd rather do right now.   But, being that the only internet cafe that allows me to download my photos is out of commission indefinitely, no photos today.   Though I have great ones waiting!  Promise.

Fighting broke out in the center of town here in Kathmandu on Thursday, dampening many travel plans, and there was a bandh (strike) which hampered some travel on Friday.  The Bangkok airports fiasco has stranded several people here.   Luckily we are returning via Hong Kong and don't expect any trouble except a fuller plane than usual.

I'll keep looking for an internet cafe so I can get to the good stuff!    By the way, Danger Dog orders are officially over for this trip.

Went to a great fashion show with a spectacular after party with live music and dancing on Wednesday night.   Stay tuned for that and other great stuff.  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.   And for those of you who worry about me -- Don't!  But thanks for the good thoughts.


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