It was a day full of suprises!

Still no photos

But the adventure continues.   Life in Kathmandu has been full of great stuff.  From a fantastic Thanksgiving party attended by over 150 people, with the best turkeys ever.   Roasted in a large cast iron wok (karhai) over 150 kilos of coals, basted in it's own juices and covered with foil and wet cloths, the turkeys were the moistest I've ever had, and just as good as last year's turkey by the same chef.

Then we went off to a friend's compound outside of town in the rice patties with spectacular views from all sides.  She had a great rescue dog from Egypt.   These dogs do get around.   Then back to more dancing and cheesecake  at the Lazimpat Gallery Cafe.  We thought we had found the holy grail of good cheap pizza here in Kathmandu, but it was just a pipe dream.  More later...


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