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December 2008

What's next?

I'm already looking forward to the next Danger Dog trip in April and May, 2009.   This time, I'll be able to walk and have  couple of new areas to explore for artists.   There is an artist in Pokhara I'd like to try.   I noticed this lovely butcher shop sign drying outside a shop in the downtown district.   It was too late to order signs from him for that trip, but I can't wait to find out what kinds of Dogs he will paint. artist_1

I am assuming and hoping that this painting below is a self-portrait of the artist, as the sign outside and the portrait inside have the same signature. artist
He looks like a handful!   Happy new year!


I first met Chandra on my first Danger Dog trip in June, 2007.   He was young and cute and had loads of friends crowded about. ChandraStudio

This was how far along he was when I tried to pick up 10 days after the due date!   But his stuff had a nice folk art quality that I'm a sucker for.   Chandra.dalmation
The Dalmation (above) is still available.  
His Dogs have a lot of character.   Surya recommended him again this trip when the artists were overwhelmed with orders, so I had him make some of my favorites.   Sure enough, look at this one:
This beauty is also still available.   Notice Chandra's signature on the bottom right.   The more naive artists (Punam, Hari T., and Chandra) tend to always sign their pieces -- more so than the more realistic painters.  Chandra.pitt.floy
Above is Floy.  Chandra's proportions are all over the place but the eyes have soul.   Chandra
Some lucky person bought this White Lab (Frosty) at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on Wilshire.  

Charity begins at home!

People often ask what happens to the extra Danger Dogs that they don't buy.   One of the best uses I've found is to offer them to Silent Auctions benefiting various charities.   I'm proud to say that the Dogs were part of the Los Angeles Inner City Arts 2008 Imagine Awards.   

Murphy the Golden Retriever by Baba
This charity benefits underprivileged children and exposes them to the Arts.   Murphy, the lovely retriever above was sold for $350 to a happy patron of the arts.  Find out more at:  


Lotus Outreach, helping abused poor girls in Cambodia get education and a safe haven, was another charity that the Dogs helped out this year.


The Dogs have also been able to contribute to Vintage Hollywood, a fabulous charity that this year chose to support foster children as they turn 18 and set out into the world with little support and few options.

And I haven't forgotten the animals!   The Boston Buddies have a great Boston Terrier Rescue program.  
Boston Terrier Art
This cute little Boston Terrier by ShaShi started a bidding war!  Their address is at


There was also the Walk for the UnderDog, where the TopDogs (those with owners) help the UnderDogs (those still in shelters).   I donated a Danger Dog and was pleased to have Dina Zaphiris from Animal Planet's Petfinder be the lucky top bidder!   Thank you Dina!   I was in Nepal during that event, and was sorry to have missed it.  Sounded like a lot of fun.  Go to:  for more information.


And who could forget the Four Legged Friends Foundation  which helps shelters and their charges.   I donated a Danger Dog to their Silent Auction and had a booth. 
Four Legged Friends Organization
And, of course, The Abbot Kinney Festival which supports local Venice projects.   
Abbot Kinney
Danger Dogs from Nepal
With this wonky economy, it is still great to hear that so many people are still helping children, the arts and pets!    The Danger Dogs will be spreading good cheer again in 2009!


And if you want to help Nepali dogs...   There is a wonderful organization in Nepal, run by people with big hearts.  There are even vets there that treat street dogs with mange for free!   Here's the link:

Santa Monica Museum of Art and the wall of Dogs!

The Danger Dogs have moved into the Project Room at the Santa Monica Museum of Art!   They looked great up there on the wall!    Smmoa.dec16'08_4 The Museum had it's own special Joe the Santa, mulled wine and cider.   But, best of all, they sold 2 Danger Dogs and 4 Obamas!   Smmoa.dec16'08_5

That makes a Merry Christmas!   More photos posted later.   And thanks to all who attended --  Tracie (with Enzo), Linda & Ray, Martha & Mary Ellen, Alice & Alan (with GG), Ken, Renata, Joyce, Seira, Ranier, Anthony, Elizabeth and Terry Martin.   Smmoa.obamaWall
And thanks, as always, to the terrific staff who made the store doubly beautiful -- a very hard task.   And thanks to Amy for her great taste.

The Danger Dogs overrun Chinatown

The Danger Dogs had a foray into Chinatown this week.   And they really looked great against the Chinese paneling.   The exhibit, at The Mountain Bar on Gin Ling Street, was sponsored by Elle Seven and the Urban Canvas crew, and they did a great job. MountainBar_26
There was live music and 7 other artists featured in the large room next to the lounge area where the Dogs were set up.   MountainBar_29
I was able to hang 130 pieces, including my new ferrets and some cockatoos and an earringed rat or two in the corner.  MountainBar_43 MountainBar_41
Apparently all those Dogs acted as a baffle and the music sounded better than ever, according to the resident acoustic expert, Tommy.   MountainBar_32
Julie (above) sounded as sweet on that fiddle as she looks.   
If anyone wants a last-minute Danger Dog, or Zen Hamster, for that matter, for a holiday present, it's not too late.   Also, there is a large discount bin with paintings ranging from $120 to $200.   Ask me about any particular type of pet at