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Chocolate labs!

A chocolate labrador named Milly was my first 'Enlightened Dog'.   Milly is owned by the actor Michael Vartan, of 'Alias' fame, and his mother, Doris, came up with the idea that Milly was 'Enlightened,' and ordered a couple for Michael for Christmas, 2007.    Since then, many dogs have been Zen Dogs or Dharma Dogs, but Milly was number one!   I still give Milly to new artists to see how well they can paint.   Amar.enlightened

There's something about a Chocolate Lab in a chair!   The painting above is by Amar, and belongs to Michael Vartan.   However, many Milly's are still available:  Choc.Sanjib
Above is a serious Milly by Sanjib Rana.   ChocLab.Dilip_26
And Dilip weighs in with his version.  Where's the chair? ChocLab.Hari_33
And Hari's work is always fun to see.     100_5076
The above is Milly by Nara.   100_5077
And another by the incomparable Sabala.  But Milly is not the only chocolate lab that's a Danger Dog:
This dog, Grace, is so special, she has a furniture shop named after her.   (Grace Home Furnishings in Brentwood, California -- and she's in all the print ads too!)  Her portrait above is by Sabala.  EnlightenedDogPunam
And again we have the beautiful Enlightened Milly.   By Punam.

All paintings featured today are available except the first and last one.   And every Danger Dog has a story.   For more info, please go to or contact me at
All comments are appreciated.

Black Labrador Retrievers!

Everyone loves their Labrador Retriever.   They are the most popular breed in the United States for many years now.   And the success of Marley and Me will only cement that standing.   Today, I'm going to feature the available Danger Retrievers!   100_4967

The above painting by Sabala is of Layla, a black labrador with obvious charms.  Alas this one has sold -- I'm going to miss it.BaijanathLabrador
And what a contrast in this painting by Baijanath!   This black lab is Bella, and the only painting I have left by Baijanath.   100_4968
This is Hari Prasad's version of the lovely Layla.   BlackLabTriple_696
Above is Layla the black lab by Sabala (sold at the Santa Monica Museum of Art), Amar and Chandra (clockwise from top left).
Above is a black lab by Punam.
And by Amar of Pashupati Art.
Another by Amar.   This is Davey relaxing. Lab.Davey
And Davey by Nara of Asha Art.   This one is spectacular in person.  It's funny that all the black lab owners consider their dogs to be Enlightened!   Baijanath is in a category of his own.
All of the above black Labrador Retrievers are still available except the first.   Please contact me at, or go to for more info.


Dog Women from Nepal

Sometimes I like to give Hari Prasad a challenge.   DogwomenHariP

This painting was a collaboration between Hari Prasad (the Dog Lady Body) and the cubicle (prison) background was painted by Sagar.   SuryaStudio_306SuryaStudio_305 
Sagar paints on a sunny day in November in Kathmandu.   DogwomenHariP_1
Here's another version of a Wolf Woman!   

Object Lessons!

Sometimes the artists will put unexpected objects in their portraits, real or imagined. Gayle'sLucy_56 I never expected to see a chair in the painting of Lucy by Amar!   Amar seems to like chairs.  Here's another: 3LegCat_1 Who could resist a 3-legged cat with a 4-legged chair?   Apparently not Amar.   Other memorable objects included favorite toys.   Here's a couple by Shree:  Poodle.shree  This Enlightened Dog, Chloe, was walking down a hallway, with a hardwood floor and bookshelves on both sides, and Shree put her onto a red-brick road with her favorite toy!   Basenji.Shree_117  Murphy, the Basenji, gets a hard bed, while Jasper the Weimaraner gets his bed outside in the field (below):  Shree.jasper  And, last but not least, Shree gave FloJo the Italian Greyhound's pad a Nepali Extreme Home Makeover!    The tasteful couch in a subtle grey has been changed to a more exuberant Nepali palette!  ItGreyhound.shree_123   More object lessons tomorrow.   Both Murphy the Basenji and Jasper the Weimaraner are still available at or contact me at