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More 'Dangers' Misspelling!

Dachshund.Shree_147Have you ever seen a more 'Dangers Dog?'   Shree added this nice tree for this portrait of Jasper and the yellow toy, as well!   Nabin (below) has a great way with punctuation.  Nabin_2That exclamation point looks more like a question mark to me.   And I do doubt that Jerry (looking more like Rod Stewart here) is truly dangerous.   What a shoulder.PitGubby.Asha_103On my third Danger Dog trip, I had asked the artist to paint 'English and Tibetan Danger Dog' on the back of the original photo and Gubby (above) became my first Tibetan Danger Dog!   Painting by Asha.   Shepherd.ram_129That same trip, apparently I wrote on the back of the photo:   'Tibetan and English: Happy Dog Here.'    Well, here is Ram Badahur's happy result.    

By the way, all of the above Danger Dogs are still available, except for Peaches the English Happy Dog.   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more info.


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