Hot Dogs...Dachshunds!
RIP Loki -- Dangerous Chihuahuas

Go Greyhound!


Above is the lovely Enzo, an Italian Greyhound extraordinaire painted by Asha.  ItalianGreyhound_6
And ShaShi's take on the same photo of Enzo.   Love the collar detail in both of these.ItalianGreyhound_7
And this is the lovely Sofia by Karma.   'Enlighten of Dog'.   That's a new one.   Kind of like those sentiments.   Here's Karma with another of his works:   2008Dogs_368
This photo of Karma gives you an idea of the bulk of these artists' work:   Stamp pads, license plates, ribbons, nameplates, banners, etc.   More greyhounds:  ItalianGreyhound_2
This portrait is of Star, by Ram Krishna.   And last, but not least, a naive greyhound by Arjun Karki, of Pokhara:  Arjun.greyhound
Please ask me about any of these paintings.  Every Danger Dog has a story. 
They are all on metal, are approximately 1 foot square, and all featured today are still available from $125 to $200.  
Or order a portrait of your own pet!
Contact me at or see lots more Folk Art from Nepal at


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