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RIP Loki -- Dangerous Chihuahuas

The Danger Dogs give their condolences to Mickey Rourke about the loss of Loki, his late, lamented 17-year-old Chihuahua.    His speech thanking Loki at the Golden Globes was touching and heartfelt.    

There are many Danger Dog Chihuahuas, so here we go: ToothyChihuahua I met this toothy little cutie at my Four-Legged Friends Foundation booth at the Brentwood Art Fair last summer.   I couldn't resist giving this photo to a couple of Nepali artists to see what they'd come up with.   ChihuahuaDouble_315
I like the fact that both Sagar (Left) and Hari T. (Right) put in the owner's hands.  And Hari is always creative with the positioning of his lettering.   That Chihuahua has something to say.Chihuahua.hariPrasad
Above is a portrait of Inga, the Chihuahua, by Jit Gurung.   While this is one of my personal favorites, Inga's owner thinks it makes her look too much like a boy.   The photo was taken at the opening of the Danger Dog's Exhibit at the Copro Nason Gallery in Bergamot Station.   And Inga may be the meanest chihuahua I've ever met.   She likes her beer and loves her owner.   To a fault.   But that said, she is darn cute, especially with her pink booties.   Chihuahua.HariP
Inga by Hari Prasad includes the railing outside of Copro Nason, but she's still pretty masculine here.  Maybe I should give her photo to the guy below.   Or take another photo that highlights her femininity.  Arjun.chihuahuaThis cartoon-like Chihuahua (Cha-Cha) was painted by Arjun Karki.  Santosh.white chihuahuaAnother portrait of Cha-Cha the Chihuahua is by Santosh Shrestha of Pokhara.  Interesting choice of colors.Shree.chihuahuaShree painted ChaCha in his normal verdant fields.   She looks more happy than 'Dangers' rooting around to me. Shree.chachaAnd last, but not least, here is ChaCha's good buddy waiting in the fields, too.   These little dogs with their 'Dangers' labels always crack me up.
If you'd like me to feature your breed of Danger Dogs (or cats), please email me with your requests.   Also, I'd love some comments!    

Mickey, we feel your loss.   Good luck at the Oscars on Sunday.   Loki RIP. 

Also, good news!  You can see the Dogs in person at the Woman's Club of Hollywood on Sunday, March 1, 4-8 pm.   The address is 1749 N. La Brea, just above Hollywood Blvd.  There is parking behind the club, and I'd love to see you and your friends.   Save the date.     Here's the link to the info:   
All Danger Chihuahuas featured in this post are available as of today.  Prices run from $120 to $200. 
My email address is   And thanks!   

Go Greyhound!


Above is the lovely Enzo, an Italian Greyhound extraordinaire painted by Asha.  ItalianGreyhound_6
And ShaShi's take on the same photo of Enzo.   Love the collar detail in both of these.ItalianGreyhound_7
And this is the lovely Sofia by Karma.   'Enlighten of Dog'.   That's a new one.   Kind of like those sentiments.   Here's Karma with another of his works:   2008Dogs_368
This photo of Karma gives you an idea of the bulk of these artists' work:   Stamp pads, license plates, ribbons, nameplates, banners, etc.   More greyhounds:  ItalianGreyhound_2
This portrait is of Star, by Ram Krishna.   And last, but not least, a naive greyhound by Arjun Karki, of Pokhara:  Arjun.greyhound
Please ask me about any of these paintings.  Every Danger Dog has a story. 
They are all on metal, are approximately 1 foot square, and all featured today are still available from $125 to $200.  
Or order a portrait of your own pet!
Contact me at or see lots more Folk Art from Nepal at

Hot Dogs...Dachshunds!

Everybody loves a Dachshund and the Nepalis are no exception.   Look at these hot Dogs!  Dachshunds.Munal_143

This tryptich by Jit Gurung is a favorite of mine.   Jasper is a true Danger Dog!  And next, we have:  HariP.dachshund.kitty
This is the sweet Kitty, of West Hollywood.   This portrait is by Hari Prasad.   Dachshund.sufraj_114
Bailey has one blue eye.   Above is Sufraj' version of this cute dachshund. Dachshund.Gyan_113
Above is Bailey by Gyan.   Dachshund.Shree_147
And Shree gave Jasper a yellow ball as he runs through the forest.   All of these Danger Dogs are available by contacting me at   Also, you can see more of these Danger Dogs from Nepal at   The prices for these Hot Dogs run from $125 to $250.  

Tippi Hedren, the Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve

The Danger Dogs met the wonderful Alfred Hitchcock protege and charming raconteur, Tippi Hedren,  yesterday at the Woman's Club of Hollywood.   

The Woman's Club of Hollywood is a 106-year-old institution just north of Hollywood Blvd. on N. La Brea, situated in an ex-girl's school that counts Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard among it's alumnae.   They graciously permitted me to exhibit the Danger Dogs during a luncheon featuring Tippi Hedren and her worthy cause -- The Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve.   
After lunch,Tippi told stories from her acting career.   And she didn't leave out all the juicy bits!   Such an exciting life.   Hitch must have been something.  Harrowing...   Her story of how, in "The Birds," the birds were actually tied to her body with rubber bands, where they could only flail against her yet not escape.   She had been told that mechanical birds would be used, and only found out they were using real birds after the Assistant Director couldn't look her in the eye.   Turns out there never were any mechanical birds.   And Hitchcock shot that scene for 5 days straight!   
I can see why she doesn't have a peacock preserve!
If you ever get a chance to hear her speak...go.   She is riveting.  100B5600
But the best part was when she talked about her love of animals -- especially the big cats.   She had a slide show of magnificent photos of her ranch and the Shambala Foundation with over 70 big cats.   She's very sensible, too.   Her management and skill of handling these cats comes from years of thought and experience.    She believes that these animals should be free.  Her ideal scenario being that her foundation become unnecessary because the cats are in the wild where they belong.  Legislation to stop breeding and sales of these American-bred cats is her current focus and next fight.   
Mother to Melanie Griffith (and Joel Griffith -- a friend of mine), mother-in-law to Antonio Banderas, her joie de vivre and passion are fun to listen to as she shows slides from her long, satisfying life. 
By the way, she really did look great.   Elegant and lithe, she still exudes the 'class with warmth' that made many compare her to a young Grace Kelly.   
"The Birds" was her first movie -- after being discovered by Hitchcock on a Collier's magazine cover -- and she won a Golden Globe for her efforts.    Sorry for the out of focus picture.  Didn't want to get too close.    I'm shy about being a papparazzi!   Though she did look like she loved the attention!  100_5589
All the Danger Dogs (and Cats) in this post are available!   Please contact me at   And thanks, as always, for supporting the Nepali artist and their Danger Dogs.   Find out more at
Go to for more info and to help these lovely cats.
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It's not only President Obama that likes Labradoodles.   I have several beauties.  Here are some favorites:  LabradoodleTriple_317 

These three portraits of Rosie are by Hari, Sabala and Hari Prasad (clockwise from upper left).   The two by Hari  and Hari P. are still available.   Labradoodle.Asha_31

This lovely painting of Aussie the Australian Labradoodle (natch) from Ramesh is also still available.   Look at that tongue!  And another of Aussie:  Labradoodle.Govinda_30 This version of Aussie is by Govinda and has his trademark reflective lettering.   Labradoodle.shree_117
And Maisie, the golden Labradoodle from West Hollywood, above, is by Shree.Labradoodle.sagar_116
This colorful Maisie is by Sagar.   Sagar signs his pieces with a chop that means 'Ocean' in Japanese.  Both portraits of Maisie are available.   Labradoodle.Ramesh_7  
This little Labradoodle, Lola, by Ramesh is also available.   As always, please contact me with any questions at   Also, comments are welcome.   Cheers!
If you would like to buy one of the paintings featured on today's Danger Dog Blog, please go to my website at for prices and availability of these beautiful Labradoodles.