From Labradors like Marley to vicious Rottweilers named Moose!
Tippi Hedren, the Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve


It's not only President Obama that likes Labradoodles.   I have several beauties.  Here are some favorites:  LabradoodleTriple_317 

These three portraits of Rosie are by Hari, Sabala and Hari Prasad (clockwise from upper left).   The two by Hari  and Hari P. are still available.   Labradoodle.Asha_31

This lovely painting of Aussie the Australian Labradoodle (natch) from Ramesh is also still available.   Look at that tongue!  And another of Aussie:  Labradoodle.Govinda_30 This version of Aussie is by Govinda and has his trademark reflective lettering.   Labradoodle.shree_117
And Maisie, the golden Labradoodle from West Hollywood, above, is by Shree.Labradoodle.sagar_116
This colorful Maisie is by Sagar.   Sagar signs his pieces with a chop that means 'Ocean' in Japanese.  Both portraits of Maisie are available.   Labradoodle.Ramesh_7  
This little Labradoodle, Lola, by Ramesh is also available.   As always, please contact me with any questions at   Also, comments are welcome.   Cheers!
If you would like to buy one of the paintings featured on today's Danger Dog Blog, please go to my website at for prices and availability of these beautiful Labradoodles.


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