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From Labradors like Marley to vicious Rottweilers named Moose!

How is this for a vicious Danger Dog?   Rottweiler.RamK_10

Above is Moose the Rottweiler by Ram Krishna.   He, along with all the Rottweilers in this post, are still available!   Next is the lovely.... Rottweiler.Sufraj_11
Profile of a young Moose the Rottweiler by Sufraj.  Rottweiler.sufraj_7
Here is Moose relaxing with his Rottweiler dreams.   By Asha Art.  Rottweiler.Asha_21
And again, by Asha Arts.  This artist, whom I believe to be named Nara, paints what I call 'Dog's Dogs.'   His fine attention to detail and beautiful composition on the dark blue background just blow me away every time. Rottweiler.Govinda_22
Govinda Kalikote's version of Moose is perhaps the scariest Rottweiler here.   And he is 'Enlightened' with reflective lettering.   What's up with those piercing eyes?Rottweiler.amar_5
And last, but not least, here's Amar's Danger Dog version of Moose. Amar's signature is in red on lower right hand corner.
Remember, any questions or comments are always appreciated.   And every Danger Dog has a story.   I'm at    Cheers!