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Woman's Club of Hollywood goes to the Dogs!

RIP Loki -- Dangerous Chihuahuas

The Danger Dogs give their condolences to Mickey Rourke about the loss of Loki, his late, lamented 17-year-old Chihuahua.    His speech thanking Loki at the Golden Globes was touching and heartfelt.    

There are many Danger Dog Chihuahuas, so here we go: ToothyChihuahua I met this toothy little cutie at my Four-Legged Friends Foundation booth at the Brentwood Art Fair last summer.   I couldn't resist giving this photo to a couple of Nepali artists to see what they'd come up with.   ChihuahuaDouble_315
I like the fact that both Sagar (Left) and Hari T. (Right) put in the owner's hands.  And Hari is always creative with the positioning of his lettering.   That Chihuahua has something to say.Chihuahua.hariPrasad
Above is a portrait of Inga, the Chihuahua, by Jit Gurung.   While this is one of my personal favorites, Inga's owner thinks it makes her look too much like a boy.   The photo was taken at the opening of the Danger Dog's Exhibit at the Copro Nason Gallery in Bergamot Station.   And Inga may be the meanest chihuahua I've ever met.   She likes her beer and loves her owner.   To a fault.   But that said, she is darn cute, especially with her pink booties.   Chihuahua.HariP
Inga by Hari Prasad includes the railing outside of Copro Nason, but she's still pretty masculine here.  Maybe I should give her photo to the guy below.   Or take another photo that highlights her femininity.  Arjun.chihuahuaThis cartoon-like Chihuahua (Cha-Cha) was painted by Arjun Karki.  Santosh.white chihuahuaAnother portrait of Cha-Cha the Chihuahua is by Santosh Shrestha of Pokhara.  Interesting choice of colors.Shree.chihuahuaShree painted ChaCha in his normal verdant fields.   She looks more happy than 'Dangers' rooting around to me. Shree.chachaAnd last, but not least, here is ChaCha's good buddy waiting in the fields, too.   These little dogs with their 'Dangers' labels always crack me up.
If you'd like me to feature your breed of Danger Dogs (or cats), please email me with your requests.   Also, I'd love some comments!    

Mickey, we feel your loss.   Good luck at the Oscars on Sunday.   Loki RIP. 

Also, good news!  You can see the Dogs in person at the Woman's Club of Hollywood on Sunday, March 1, 4-8 pm.   The address is 1749 N. La Brea, just above Hollywood Blvd.  There is parking behind the club, and I'd love to see you and your friends.   Save the date.     Here's the link to the info:   http://nepaldog.com/NEPAL_DOG/See_the_Dogs_in_Person.html   
All Danger Chihuahuas featured in this post are available as of today.  Prices run from $120 to $200. 
My email address is ampage1@gmail.com   And thanks!   


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