RIP Loki -- Dangerous Chihuahuas
How much is that Danger Dog in the window?

Woman's Club of Hollywood goes to the Dogs!

Thanks to all of you who braved the wilds of Hollywood last night to see the Danger Dogs take over the historic Woman's Club of Hollywood.   WCHFull_12  Lots of people showed up but then I was too busy to photograph the show!   A classic dilemma. WCHFull_3

Dan ran the bar and later in the evening, Michael Cullin played the Steinway baby grand with his usual panache.   WCHFull_8
Lots of wine, food and dogs.   The ladies who run the WCH really know how to put on a party.   They bent over backwards to help make the exhibit beautiful.   Easels, potted plants, tables and seating.  Champagne!!!  Thanks to the people who brought their dogs!   WCHFull_21  WCHFull  Beth Amine came all the way from Santa Barbara.   Below is Beth with Ed Hammond.   WCHFull_18 Wch.lowRes.jpeg_13 I wish I had taken photos of all the people.   I always forget.   Anybody want to be the official Danger Dogs Exhibit photographer?   Dan took care of the bar, and the lovely Rita took care of putting out the food.   For more info on this wonderful institution, go to  


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