Dragon Guest House in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Dogs on the gates of Nepal -- inspiration for the Danger Dogs Project

Enlightened Bunnies put the Spring in Spring Break.

There have been a number of portraits of Mungo, the "Enlightened Bunny".   Bunnys_282

These two are from my most recent trip.   The bunny in orange (by Sabala) is the only Easter Bunny I still have available.   The bunny with the green background is by Amar.
This bunny by ShaShi is the one the owner picked.  Bunny.Amar_36
This Enlightened Binny went to a lady nicknamed 'Binny'.   I love those little misspellings!   By Amar Shrestha.   Bunny.Sabala_37
This little bunny (by Sabala) went to lady whose last name means 'rabbit' in Russian!   Any questions or comments, please contact me.   I love to know who's out there.   ampage1@gmail.com.   


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