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More Hound Dogs! Weimaraners!

Weimaraners, made famous by the haunting and amusing photos of William Wegman, make great Danger Dogs.  100_5078

This handsome Weimaraner is by Sabala. And he's available.

This is by Amar.weimaraner

Duke, 'pented by Amar', has a lovely yellow background, and an intent stare.  
This very 'Dangers Dog' is Jasper by Shree.   Available.   
I took this photo of a Weimaraner staring intently up a palm tree at a squirrel outside of a garage sale.   By Baba, signed and lettered by Birju.   Available.   Baijanath.weimaraner
This is one of the few Baijanath paintings I have available.   This is Duke again.   Weimaraner.Hari
And this is Duke by Hari.   It broke my heart to sell this one.   Look at the eye on the right side.   Look at the charming Be Ware of Dog on the left ear.    It was a good customer, otherwise I would still have this baby.  
This is Jasper the Weimaraner by Arjun Karki.   This is haunting in it's innocence.   It's nice to notice the way Shree (see previous) and Arjun handled the same photo.   Also available.   Arjun Karki is collected by a lot of people.   Arjun's work is in the collection of Ed Moses and Patricia Chidlaw.    

That's it for today.   Please feel free to contact me.   Or you can follow me on Twitter!   I'm listed as DangerDogs.    I'd love the feedback.

I also have some good news.   I just went to Mama Hillybeans and 109 Danger Dogs (and Cats and Birds and a Goat or two) will be on exhibit.   Here's the link to the show.
One of the cool things about this place, aside from the delicious food and cheerful service, is that they have great music!   Check out their line up.   If you are in the Mohave Desert, come and see them!



You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog from Nepal!

Ever heard of a Catahula Leopard Dog?   They are the official State Dog of Louisana.   They can climb trees to a height of 30 feet (almost 10 meters for you Europeans).   Daddy is a lovely example, with a true 'Joie de Vivre.'   Arjun.daddy

Above is the 'Lucha Daddy' by Arjun Karki.   Daddy has one blue eye and one brown, a common trait in a Catahula.   Ramesh.daddy
This is a wall-eyed Daddy by Ramesh of Om Art.   What's that on his back?   DSC03546
Here's a Daddy-of-a-different-color.   This is by Chandra Chaudhury, and I love the collar.  Birju1.daddy
This is Daddy the Catahula Leopard Dog by Baba (signed Birju -- who lettered the sign). 
Happy Daddy
Happy Daddy!   He loves to get out and jump.   I wish I could have so much fun on a walk!  
Comments and questions welcome.   Please write me at or see the Danger Dogs Fair Trade Project at  PS:   The 4 featured portraits of Daddy are available!

Pugs of Nepal

First, I'd like to introduce to Foo, a Nepali pug, and his signboard.   Foo is a lucky dog living in Boudha.  Amar.pug    

His collar is handmade in Nepal.   By Amar Shrestha.   Birju.pug
This pug is signed Birju, but I believe the artist is an Indian named Baba.   Mohan.pug
Above by Mohan.   This Nepali pug is featured in the Everest Kennel Club's 2008 calendar.  
This pug is by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.   His work is reminiscent of R. Crumb.   Pug.Sagar_33
And last, but not least, is Queenie the Pug by Sagar.   This is a particular favorite of mine and you can probably see why.   
All of these pugs are available by contacting me at
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.   I will be going back to Nepal in June to make more of these Nepali Pup Artworks.   Let me know if you want your dog or cat to have their portraits done by these artists.   

Dogs on the gates of Nepal -- inspiration for the Danger Dogs Project

These are what inspired me to create the Danger Dog Project.   These beautiful signs are being replaced by the ubiquitous 'Everest Kennel Club' stencilled signs.   Every Nepali Danger Dog has a tongue! 100_0205







The sign in green below the larger 'Beware of Dog' sign is the stencilled Everest Kennel Club version that is replacing all these beauties.



To find out more about the Danger Dog Project or Nepali Pup Art, please contact me at or go to my website:   Any comments are appreciated.

Enlightened Bunnies put the Spring in Spring Break.

There have been a number of portraits of Mungo, the "Enlightened Bunny".   Bunnys_282

These two are from my most recent trip.   The bunny in orange (by Sabala) is the only Easter Bunny I still have available.   The bunny with the green background is by Amar.
This bunny by ShaShi is the one the owner picked.  Bunny.Amar_36
This Enlightened Binny went to a lady nicknamed 'Binny'.   I love those little misspellings!   By Amar Shrestha.   Bunny.Sabala_37
This little bunny (by Sabala) went to lady whose last name means 'rabbit' in Russian!   Any questions or comments, please contact me.   I love to know who's out there.