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Dragon Guest House in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Dragon Guest House is my home away from home while in the Kathmandu Valley.

Unfortunately, lately, they have not been honoring reservations - either booked in person, via the internet or even by phone.   A big problem when you have just arrived after a long, hard plane trip and expect a room that was booked months in advance.   Even with a reconfirmation call just days ahead of arrival, they said that there would be room at the inn.   There was not.  DragonGH_220

That's the Lama Angkiel, Abbot of Muktinath, who, with his wife and family, runs a tight ship at the Dragon Guest House.   There's a lovely garden to eat and while away the time talking with other guests, visiting Nepalis and reading the newspaper in the morning sunlight.   This used to be true, however, the recent building boom surrounding the Dragon has blocked much of the sunlight.Dragon_1
Here's a nice view from the balcony, where you can watch the prayer flags blow in the wind, hear the monks chanting from the nearby Schechin Monastery, watch young monks play soccer in the fields behind the Dragon.   The soccer field has been closed for years now and so this, too, is no longer true.Dragon_3
Watch the  clouds roll by across the white topped mountains from the rooftop, or do morning yoga, as many guests do.    Amar.dolma
This is Dolma, by Amar.   She is a Lhasa Apso, daughter of the dog next door.   She is a delightful puppy.
  I always say that in Boudha, the dogs sleep all day and bark all night!Dragon_24
Above is the bird's eye view of the garden dining area.   The Dragon features a vegetarian restaurant with delicious home-made bread, wonderful tomato soup, fresh omelets, and many traditional Tibetan dishes such as thantuk and thukpa.   Can't wait to go back.
Young monks at play.   Alas, this field is now closed to play.
And those beautiful balconies are a great place for the Nepali Pup Art to dry.   
As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions.   Doggedly,  Michelle    or

More of my Nepali Pup Art Collection

B&W3 These were made specifically for me.   I took the photos of this lovely young Great Dane outside the Peet's Coffee on Montana, and assigned the artist, Hari Prasad.   I am thrilled by how they turned out.   B&W




This last Giant Dane was distracted by a small dog on the Santa Monica Promenade.   By Hari Prasad.

I did sell one of this series.   B&W1

The painting above is by Sanjib Rana.

My personal collection of Nepali Pup Art

The Danger Dogs that I love.   Sometimes a portrait of a dog doesn't look that much like the dog in question.   That's one of the reasons that I offer 3 choices minimum for each dog ordered.   But there are times when I am holding my breath hoping that the owners will not choose a particular piece of art.   Here are some examples where I breathed a deep sigh of relief.   Munal.Flick

This is Flick the Golden Labrador by Jit Gurung.   The owner describes this dog as 'wouldn't say boo to a goose.'  They are Canadian, what can I say?   He looks like he's watching mad ants.   By Jit GurungDachshunds.Munal_143
These three Dachshunds always make me laugh.   Jasper is such a cute dog.  When the owner didn't want this one (they did buy three), I was so pleased.   Also by Jit Gurung.
This is the fabulous Mick Jagger by Sabala.   Those lips, those teeth, those gums, those whiskers!   2008_23
This I'm keeping for sentimental reasons.   This is Pokey Nose, a Nepali dog who lives in Keg Beni, in the Mustang district of Nepal.   Pokey Nose lives in a stable, keeps the livestock in line and loves to join a horse train up the Kaligandaki River into Upper Mustang.   He has developed a fondness for cheese rinds.   By Sabala.    Pokeynose
Here is the real Pokey Nose.   You can see Sabala didn't get the polka dots on his nose and made him look a little slyer than he does in person.   But we really love this dog!   He is smart and fun and lovely.   2008Dogs_255
Pokey's a true Dog's Dog!   Here he is just below the entrance to our guest house 'The Red House'.

I have had quite a week.   On Tuesday, as I began this post, I got a call around noon asking if I could go to Paris at 4 pm.   Bien sur, I said yes!   Got back at LAX 45 hours later.   Then had severe computer problems for a couple of days.   Promise to do better in the future!   
What do you think of the name Nepal Pup Art?   let me know, please.

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Ram Mohan Patel and Painter Babu

Ram Mohan lives and works on the taxi route from Boudha and Kathmandu proper.   I had gone there on a previous trip and been rebuffed.   All he wanted to do was stencil a dog image, and he wouldn't budge.   But, I am nothing if not dogged.   I tried and tried again and was rewarded with the following:  LhasaApso.RamMohan_2

That is one scary Lhasa Apso!   Tornado Dog!   RamMohanPatelPittbull
Lulu the Pittbull was another good one (and she's still available).   The very next trip, again Ram Mohan was a little hesitant.   I don't really understand why, as I am enthusiastic, especially when I get something so different.   However, finally, he agreed and I gave him 4 commissions on the latest Danger Dog trip.   RamMohanGingerCat
Ram with his painting of  Pookie.   Pookie, aka 'Lion King' is oversized and very dramatic.    He is sold.RamMohanPatelStudio
Ram Mohan's studio is attached to his house, so I have met his family, including his two daughters -- who speak great English.   RamMohanPatelDaughters1  
When negotiating for Ram Mohan to paint a portrait of Obama, the girls would say 'You want him to paint a portrait of Barack Hussein Obama?'  The girls are holding portraits of a lovely Australian Shepherd and a young stylized Pittbull.   Both dogs the girls are holding are available.RamMohanPatel1
Sweet Pea (on right) is another homerun for Ram Mohan.   And he's available.
Painter Babu is another artist that I had to work hard to get to paint a portrait.   Like with all new artists, I got a price for a Beware of Dog signboard, then offered Babu a choice of about 20 dog photos to see what type of dog he wanted to paint.   Well.... He only liked one dog out of all the choices!   He refused to paint more than one, and would only consider Lenny, a shepherd mix.   200PainterBabu
Lenny by Painter Babu.  PainterBabu2
Above is a sample of the movie posters by Painter Babu and license plates which make up a lot of his present business.  PainterBabu4
Foreigners must be pretty rude to these guys for them to turn down money.   I suppose some people would complain about the spelling of 'Dangers Dog', or be mad when they were (inevitably) not ready on the due date.   Or that they charge me so much more than they would a compatriot.   Or maybe it's just because they are embarrassed by their lack of English.   I definitely need to learn more Nepali.   
By the way, Lenny is still available.
Any questions, as always, please contact me at   Every Dog has a story!   And I love this Nepali Pup Art!   Next post will be the Dogs in my personal collection.   See you tomorrow. And check out the blogs on

Prem of Pokhara and his Bewaer of Dog signboards

Prem sometimes misspells his signs "Bewaer of Dog" instead of the the more common "Be ware of Dog" or, my personal favorite "Be Aware of Dog".   I met Prem on a busy street in his small studio.   PremStudio

When I first picked up from Prem, he wasn't there, and he hadn't finished the lettering.   Needless to say, we were pleased with his work.   Notice the cow outside the doorway.   
Prem in his shop.   100_0220
The lettering in the green sign above, meaning 'Kala' or art in Nepali, is Prem's own signboard advertising his business.  100_0221
Another shot of the walls of Prem's old shop on New Road in Pokhara.   
Prem's exStudio
I met Prem on my 2nd Danger Dog trip, and on my third, this is what I found.  They had torn down those magnificent walls and a bank will be built in its place.   It took a couple of days before I could find Prem, asking local restaurants and other signboard artists if they knew where he had gone.   Luckily I had that photo above in my camera and could print it out and canvas the neighbors.    Turns out he had moved to Royal Arts around the corner, displacing Yuba Raj who moved down the street. These guys are nothing if not itinerant.   Prem.ridgeback
This Rhodesian Ridgeback (or Zimbabwe Zipperback) by Prem is still available.   100_1012
As is this lovely Saint Bernard.   2008Dogs_313
Here's Prem in his new digs.   There's a lot more foot traffic on his new street.   
Prem's taken on an apprentice, Binod, who painted the following signboards.   2008Dogs_315
Binod's work in progress.   

That's it for today.   Remember -- Every Danger Dog has its story.   
Anyone with any questions, please feel free to comment or contact me at or find out more about the Danger Dog project at