Dogs on the gates of Nepal -- inspiration for the Danger Dogs Project
You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog from Nepal!

Pugs of Nepal

First, I'd like to introduce to Foo, a Nepali pug, and his signboard.   Foo is a lucky dog living in Boudha.  Amar.pug    

His collar is handmade in Nepal.   By Amar Shrestha.   Birju.pug
This pug is signed Birju, but I believe the artist is an Indian named Baba.   Mohan.pug
Above by Mohan.   This Nepali pug is featured in the Everest Kennel Club's 2008 calendar.  
This pug is by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.   His work is reminiscent of R. Crumb.   Pug.Sagar_33
And last, but not least, is Queenie the Pug by Sagar.   This is a particular favorite of mine and you can probably see why.   
All of these pugs are available by contacting me at
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.   I will be going back to Nepal in June to make more of these Nepali Pup Artworks.   Let me know if you want your dog or cat to have their portraits done by these artists.   


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