Why I love Nepal: Dogs Sleep All Day -- Bark All Night!
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescued -- by a Danger Dog

A Nepali Extreme Home Makeover can be yours!

Sometimes the artists take a little leeway with the home furnishings in the photos submitted for the Danger Dog portraits.   ItGreyhound.shree_123

This Italian Greyhound is lounging on a beige couch in reality.   Shree gave the couch the Nepali touch.  Sorry, this one is sold.   2008_350
This is Super-Argo, a 23-year-old cat, painted by Sagar.   Note the cowboy blanket in the background. 
Three different treatments of the same couch.   By ShaShi, Amar and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   The avoidable cats by ShaSha and Sabala are still available.  100_4800
Here Rosie the Labradoodle goes from an outdoor chaise lounge to a Ping Pong Table (by Hari), to nothing at all (by Sabala), to a green magic carpet (by Hari Prasad).   The portraits by Hari and Hari Prasad are still available.

There's more to come tomorrow.   Welcome to all the people sent by AlphaInventions.com and www.condron.us   Let me know if you want to learn more about any aspect of Nepali signboard art.

Keep those cards and letters coming.   I am running an experiment in conjunction with Google on my website www.NepalDog.com -- testing various version of pages to see which is more attractive.   You are welcome to be a part of that.   Go to www.NepalDog.com and let me know which entrance page you prefer.  

Thanks and Namaste!   Michelle


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