Springer Spaniels in Nepal
Danger Dogs Conquer San Luis Obispo

Australian Shepherds!

Australian Shepherds are in a class of their own.   So lovely, attentive, energetic and special.  Australian Shepherd Danger Dogs are a rarity as their owners cannot choose.   See why.   AustShepherd.Birju_91

Above is Bliss, painted by Vinosh, signed by Birju.   Birju does the calligraphy and therefore signs the pieces as he is the last to handle the piece.   Birju likes to boast that he never does the lettering quite the same way twice.   AustShepherd.Govinda_20
Chopper the Australian Shepherd by Govinda.   The lettering here is reflective.   Available.  Dilip.AustShepherd
Grace the Australian Shepherd looks a little lost in her portrait by Dilip.  Available.  RamMohanPatelDaughters1
Above are Ram Mohan's pretty daughters holding a portrait of Bliss, the Australian Shepherd, and Lasko, a Pit Bull, in their father's studio.   Both are available -- the paintings, not the daughters!   Bliss.amar_92
Bliss again -- this time by Amar Shrestha.   Bliss.sabala_93
Bliss the Australian Shpeherd by Sabala.   2008Dogs_475
Govinda Kalikote liked Chopper so much he presented me with a framed portrait of him on a Bodhi leaf!    Throughout Govinda's shop he paints Nepali scenes on the Bodhi leaves.   Govinda is the only artist that painted his Obama portrait on wood rather than metal.   

I'm really getting excited about going to Nepal soon.   I'm getting lots of fun commissions and can't wait to see what the artists will come up with on the 5th Danger Dog trip coming up in June.   It's not too late to add your Danger Dog to the mix.   Satisfaction is guaranteed.   You pay nothing until you decide if you like your Danger Dog (or Cat)!   
Feel free to comment or ask me anything.   And if you don't see your favorite breed represented in the Danger Dog Blog, ask!   There are over 100 Danger Dogs and I'm sure we have painted most breeds.   You can reach me at ampage1@gmail.com  


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