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Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescued -- by a Danger Dog

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are big and gentle, with distinctive ridges of fur on their back.   A warm fawn color, these dogs are a popular breed.   The Danger Dogs have donated a Rhodesian Ridgeback to aid the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue organization.    Manoj.ridgeback
Manoj from the Lakeside District of Pokhara painted this Ridgeback and some lucky member of the organization will get this portrait included in the gift basket created by the Greater Los Angeles branch of the charity.
This Ridgeback with the lovely jewelry is by Prem of Pokhara.   It is still available.  

For more information and to help rescue these dogs, please go to

For the record, these dogs might more properly be called Zimbabwe Zipperbacks!

We are planning our trip to Nepal to order more signs from the Nepali artists in early June.   Send me your photo of your pet and we will have 3 artists make 3 portraits of your pet from which to choose -- helping more artists get work and giving you a choice.   

These paintings are approximately 1 foot square and are synthetic enamel on metal.   They are made to be placed outside as a practical sign warning people that there is a dog on your premises.

Satisfaction guaranteed.   Pay only after you like the portrait.  (We'll be back in mid-July.)  A commission of your pet is $250 for one pet per sign.    Shipping is approximately $10 per sign, and handling is free.   California residents have to pay sales tax.

Please contact me at with any questions, comments or requests.

A Nepali Extreme Home Makeover can be yours!

Sometimes the artists take a little leeway with the home furnishings in the photos submitted for the Danger Dog portraits.   ItGreyhound.shree_123

This Italian Greyhound is lounging on a beige couch in reality.   Shree gave the couch the Nepali touch.  Sorry, this one is sold.   2008_350
This is Super-Argo, a 23-year-old cat, painted by Sagar.   Note the cowboy blanket in the background. 
Three different treatments of the same couch.   By ShaShi, Amar and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   The avoidable cats by ShaSha and Sabala are still available.  100_4800
Here Rosie the Labradoodle goes from an outdoor chaise lounge to a Ping Pong Table (by Hari), to nothing at all (by Sabala), to a green magic carpet (by Hari Prasad).   The portraits by Hari and Hari Prasad are still available.

There's more to come tomorrow.   Welcome to all the people sent by and   Let me know if you want to learn more about any aspect of Nepali signboard art.

Keep those cards and letters coming.   I am running an experiment in conjunction with Google on my website -- testing various version of pages to see which is more attractive.   You are welcome to be a part of that.   Go to and let me know which entrance page you prefer.  

Thanks and Namaste!   Michelle

Why I love Nepal: Dogs Sleep All Day -- Bark All Night!

The dogs of Nepal think of some ingenious places to catch some rest, all the better to be up all night barking!   

Sleeping dog in Nepal
Dog sleeping in crate in Nepal

This little guy found an out-of-the-way niche in the Bhat Batani district of Kathmandu Valley.
Dog sleeps in the shade in Mustang
Sleeping dog in Mustang
This dog is resting under a tree by the banks of the Kali Gandaki River in the Mustang District of the Himalayas.
Dog sleeping in Pokhara
Dog sleeps by postcard rack in Pokhara
This dog sleeps outside the Saleways Departmental Store in the Lakeside District of Pokhara. 


Tibetan dog in Mustang
Sleeping dog in Mustang

Dog sleeps on the Annapurna Circuit
Dog sleeping in Ratu Pani
Here's a dog sleeping in the nighttime!  He is the resident dog at our Guest House in Ratu Pani.   Ratu Pani means Red Water in Nepali.   This little town has only one accomodation, but has a nice small hot spring just outside of town.   Ratu Pani is on the way from Tato Pani walking towards Beni.  
Sleeping Dog in Nepal
Dog sleeps alongside the Annapurna Circuit
Here's a dog sleeping outside the guest house in Ratu Pani the next morning.   Ratu Pani is in the background.  


Dog with looms in the Himalayas
Dog sleeps next to looms in Nepal
Sleep looms.


Kalopani Dog
Sleeping dog near Kalopani Guest House
Sleeping dog outside the Kalopani Guest House on the way from Jomsom to Beni.   Kalo Pani means Black Water in Nepali.


These are some of my favorite sleepers.  Questions, comments...



What else can these artists do?

Signboard art can include any subject matter and signboard artists are called upon to paint many different subjects.   Amar.alfa

As an artist, I could only dream of capturing the transparency of the windshield, the curving reflections of this lovely circa 1957 Alfa Romeo.    By Amar Shrestha.   GovindaStudio_420
Keeping with our automotive theme, Govinda paints mudflaps along with Pomeranians.  Buddie.Bouvier_2
Sabala painted this portrait of a Bouvier des Flandres and his owner.   She was in good hands.  Bob.Jit_110  
Jit Gurung painted Beware of Bob.   He captured the skin tones and the Hawaiian shirt.   Looks just like Bob.  
A clap stick for a Nepali film.   By Asha Arts.   100_0326
This portrait of Angelina Jolie is how I found the artist Jit Gurung.   It is for a beauty salon in downtown Pokhara.   

Thanks to everyone for reading these blogs.   There are more and more of you each day, and I appreciate it. is now featuring these blogs as well as   

Any questions will be answered promptly.   Anyone want a special breed of dog to be featured?   Contact me at    And don't forget to check out my website

Why I Love Nepal -- Even More Dogs on gates!

These are more of the beauties that inspire me every trip to Nepal.   100_0483

This beagle looks pretty dangerous to me.   100_0401
Almost gone!   But still honored with a garland of marigolds.   100_0402
The signboard above is a miniature, about 3 inches square.   I was riding in a minibus when I spotted it and got out to photograph it.   Across the street was Hari's studio.   A very happy find!   100_0405
This German Shepherd signboard gives me hope that the tradition will continue.   It was hung sometime in July, 2007.     100_0408
Pachas-Pachas (50/50) is a Nepali dog that lives in Naxal.   She lives right beside Mahesh's studio and is very friendly as well as striking in her markings.    100_0410
This happy Alsatian Danger Dog has seen better days.   100_0415
All of the above signboards are increasingly being replace by the stencilled signboard above from the Everest Kennel Club.   And that is the reason for the Danger Dog project.   Save endangered Nepali Pup Art!   And give Nepali artists work at the same time.


Questions and comments always welcomed.