Why I love Nepal -- Dogs on gates!
Nepali Pup Art from Nepali Dogs - Jackie and Batuli

Irish Setters and Gordon Setters as Nepal Pup Art

Irish Setters were a popular breed when I was growing up in the 70's.   From the amount of Danger Dog Setters that were made, they are making a comeback.   IrishSetter.Amar03521

This setter, by Amar, was made on my first Danger Dogs hunt in Nepal in June, 2007, from a black and white photo.   Luckily Amar understood to make this dog a redhead.  Arjun.irishsetter
Arjun Karki did not understand that the dog was a redhead, but I like it in any case.   This one is still available.  Nabin.irishsetter1
Nabin weighs in with a more cartoon-like Irish Setter, from the same photo.   Also available.   Nabin.irishsetter2
Nabin is one of the better businessmen of my artists, and he made another version of the same dog.  This one is a little more malevolent, but still sweet to me.  Amar.elliot
This is Elliot, a Gordon Setter, by Amar Shrestha.  Available.   Ojna.norfolkterrier
Krishna Ojna painted Elliot in 2008.  Krishna is a professor of economics as well as a signboard artist.   Both portraits of Elliot are still available.
If there is a particular type of breed you would like featured, please ask.   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com


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