Irish Setters and Gordon Setters as Nepal Pup Art
Springer Spaniels in Nepal

Nepali Pup Art from Nepali Dogs - Jackie and Batuli

I've met some really salt-of-the-earth pups in Nepal.   Some I've commissioned paintings from, and others just loved from afar.   100_3663

Above is Batuli, a lovely Nepali dog.   Batuli -- not sure of the spelling -- means "cute young girl" in the Nepalese language.   A word a young man might use about a teenage hottie in the food court in a mall in Kathmandu.     Here she is dressed in the courtyard with her Kukor Puja or 'Day of the Dog' garland.   She is enjoying all the perks of being a blessed dog in Kathmandu.    Lalkarki.bodilee
This is an eerie painting of Batuli by Lal Karki from the Damside District of Pokhara.   The ghostly look in her eyes has more to do with my bad photo than Lal's artistry.   I've since learned to use a pen to counter 'green eye' in my dog photos.  Amar.bodilee
Amar took a guess about Batuli's eyes.     The Nepali script for Batuli''s signboard by Amar means the more forceful 'Be aware of Vicious Dog'.   There is a lesser version (interchangeable as far as I can see) that translates as 'Be aware of brilliant dog'.  That is the script that Lal Karki chose to use in the first portrait above.   ('Kukor dehi hosiar' vs. 'kukor dehi sabadan' respectively'.)   I try to speculate why some dogs are one or the other.   As the person doing the calligraphy is often not the artist, I don't expect it's much more than chance.   Or possibly his take on the painting.   And check out this link here to see a previous blog detailing the mangling the English script receives at times!   Jackie040
This is Batuli's anamorata, Jackie.   Jackie is a Nepali Shikari Khukur with a rare and revered red coat.  ('Shikari' means hunter, 'Khukor' means dog.)  While Mastiffs have blunt noses and wide waists and sort of flat tails, Shikharis have more pointed wolf-like noses, thin waists and big thighs for running in the mountains.    Note the Nepali Dog tendency to have a dramatic curling tail.   Jackie is a bit of a stud.  More on that later.   Shikari Kukur dog from Nepal
Here's a handsome profile by Hari Prasad of Jackie.  The color isn't quite right, but the spirit is there.  Jackie guards his compound with a velvet glove.   But woe to any stranger.   He's big and not afraid to jump!   Or hump, for that matter.     'Dogs are seldom castrated in Nepal'.   What a strange sentence to write.   If you Google that phrase, how many times do you think it will come up?   Please try.   I just checked.   With the quotes around that phrase.   Nothing comes up.   I challenge each and every one of you to do the same.   All three of these signs are available.   The first portrait of Batuli (by Lal Karki) is still available.


And these two dogs are among the luckiest in the world.


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