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Nepali Horse Signs

This lovely horse by Shahi was done on my first Danger Dog trip in June of 2007.  I did not have any photos of horses with me, so I gave Shahi a Nepali matchbook with a horse on the cover and this is the happy result.   Sold.   2008_171
This is French Quarter painted by Amar.   Available.
French Quarter by Sabala.   Sold.   Horse.Sanjib_5
This horse is by Sanjib Rana.   Horses and birds are considered his forte in the Kathmandu area where he paints murals.   Available.   Horse.Sanjib_4
By Sanjib Rana.   Available.   Horse.Sanjib_10
White Horse by Sanjib Rana.  Sold.   Horse.Sanjib_13
This horse through the waves is also by Sanjib Rana.   It is available and you can see it in person at the Big Sky Cafe in San Luis Obispo.   Horse.Sanjib_12
Grazing horse in a field by Sanjib Rana.   Available.

I have lots more horses on my website, click on the Horses link.  

If you ever see anything you'd like to know more about, please contact me at   Every Danger Dog has a Story, as well as the Cats and Horses and Cockatoos.  

I will be returning to Nepal in June to order new Nepali Pup Art, so if you'd like to commission a portrait of your pet, you are in luck.  Remember, I only take money after you are satisfied and pick which portrait you prefer.   No risk.   You get three choices of art by three different artists with each order.   Three artists get work, you get three choices, and museum shops and galleries get folk art! 

Danger Dogs Conquer San Luis Obispo

The Danger Dogs continue to get around to some very windy places.   They had their grand opening at the wonderful Big Sky Cafe on Broad St in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, April 16.

Of course, lots of people showed up, but Dan and I are always having so much fun we forget to photograph the show.  The San Luis Obispo artist David Scott Settino came to support the Danger Dogs Project and to enjoy the food.     Ashley Schwellenbach, art reporter for the  New Times San Luis Obispo covered the show here:   "Dog. Danger Dog."
The comfy waiting area got a few Danger Dogs,

and the coves over the booths seemed a natural for a quadtych of Nepali Pup Art. 

The service was exceptional here, too.   Tatiana, Anna, and David the barkeep were accomodating and professional.   Watching Tatiana juggle the busy Thursday night traffic made me nostalgic for my younger days working in restaurants in the Florida Keys.  

Charles Myers is an experienced restauranteur and a gracious host.   The hors d'oeurves included slivers of Portobello mushroom with a delicate cream-based drizzle, goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes wrapped in grilled eggplant as above.   Also a Cajun shrimp-cake Charles found in a post-Katrina cookbook along with Big Sky Cafe's rich deep chocolate brownies with a light dusting of sugar.  

Their wine list was out of this world with a variety of local wines at very reasonable prices.   Our favorites included  'Saucelito Canyon' an old-vine Zinfadel -- spared eradication during Prohibition due to it's remote location -- and 'Schoolhouse Recess Red' -- a Zin, Cab and Primitivo blend from nearby Paso Robles.  

The exhibition at the Big Sky Cafe will be up until the 16th of June if you are in the San Luis Obispo area.  

Speaking of which, SLO is a fun town.   We camped at the Montana de Oro State Park.   Tuesday night there were 60 mph gusts.   Good thing we had some Danger Dogs in a box as ballast.   Even so, it was a cold and windy night.   We ended up eating in the back of the Broncho.  SanLuisObispo_31
No hot food that night, but delicious wine and grilled vegetables with bread and cheese and nuts made it all seem right.

The SLO Brewery has changed names to Downtown Brewing Company, but their IPA (sold to us in a growler) went down very well at our campsite after a long, hard day of hanging art.   Too bad we didn't get a chance to play pool on their tables.   SanLuisObispo_2
This is Bailey.  While I saw many dogs in San Luis Obispo, Bailey was too cute not to photograph.   Though I regret not photographing the biggest, most imposing greyhound I've ever seen.   His name was Linus and he was a greyhound rescue who never got to race, probably due to his size.   He was a small horse.  

Please send comments and questions to me at  

Discover San Luis Obispo if you haven't already.

Australian Shepherds!

Australian Shepherds are in a class of their own.   So lovely, attentive, energetic and special.  Australian Shepherd Danger Dogs are a rarity as their owners cannot choose.   See why.   AustShepherd.Birju_91

Above is Bliss, painted by Vinosh, signed by Birju.   Birju does the calligraphy and therefore signs the pieces as he is the last to handle the piece.   Birju likes to boast that he never does the lettering quite the same way twice.   AustShepherd.Govinda_20
Chopper the Australian Shepherd by Govinda.   The lettering here is reflective.   Available.  Dilip.AustShepherd
Grace the Australian Shepherd looks a little lost in her portrait by Dilip.  Available.  RamMohanPatelDaughters1
Above are Ram Mohan's pretty daughters holding a portrait of Bliss, the Australian Shepherd, and Lasko, a Pit Bull, in their father's studio.   Both are available -- the paintings, not the daughters!   Bliss.amar_92
Bliss again -- this time by Amar Shrestha.   Bliss.sabala_93
Bliss the Australian Shpeherd by Sabala.   2008Dogs_475
Govinda Kalikote liked Chopper so much he presented me with a framed portrait of him on a Bodhi leaf!    Throughout Govinda's shop he paints Nepali scenes on the Bodhi leaves.   Govinda is the only artist that painted his Obama portrait on wood rather than metal.   

I'm really getting excited about going to Nepal soon.   I'm getting lots of fun commissions and can't wait to see what the artists will come up with on the 5th Danger Dog trip coming up in June.   It's not too late to add your Danger Dog to the mix.   Satisfaction is guaranteed.   You pay nothing until you decide if you like your Danger Dog (or Cat)!   
Feel free to comment or ask me anything.   And if you don't see your favorite breed represented in the Danger Dog Blog, ask!   There are over 100 Danger Dogs and I'm sure we have painted most breeds.   You can reach me at  

Springer Spaniels in Nepal

Springer Spaniels are a favorite in Nepal.   JkArt.springer

This giant (18 inch square) Springer Spaniel is by JK.   Available.   DSC03510
This Springer Spaniel by Santosh (also available) inspired him to later paint a Springer for a Nepali client.   This was the result:   100_0184
See?   I am a good influence.   This hangs outside a hotel in Pokhara.   Notice the script is only in Nepali.   Don't want to scare away any tourists!   100_0223
And this is the artist JK, who painted the first featured Springer above.       His large-scale Danger Dogs are a treat.     
Every Danger Dog tells a Story.   Want more?   Want to see a particular breed of dog?   Ask!
And if you'd like a link to new interesting blogs, go to

Nepali Pup Art from Nepali Dogs - Jackie and Batuli

I've met some really salt-of-the-earth pups in Nepal.   Some I've commissioned paintings from, and others just loved from afar.   100_3663

Above is Batuli, a lovely Nepali dog.   Batuli -- not sure of the spelling -- means "cute young girl" in the Nepalese language.   A word a young man might use about a teenage hottie in the food court in a mall in Kathmandu.     Here she is dressed in the courtyard with her Kukor Puja or 'Day of the Dog' garland.   She is enjoying all the perks of being a blessed dog in Kathmandu.    Lalkarki.bodilee
This is an eerie painting of Batuli by Lal Karki from the Damside District of Pokhara.   The ghostly look in her eyes has more to do with my bad photo than Lal's artistry.   I've since learned to use a pen to counter 'green eye' in my dog photos.  Amar.bodilee
Amar took a guess about Batuli's eyes.     The Nepali script for Batuli''s signboard by Amar means the more forceful 'Be aware of Vicious Dog'.   There is a lesser version (interchangeable as far as I can see) that translates as 'Be aware of brilliant dog'.  That is the script that Lal Karki chose to use in the first portrait above.   ('Kukor dehi hosiar' vs. 'kukor dehi sabadan' respectively'.)   I try to speculate why some dogs are one or the other.   As the person doing the calligraphy is often not the artist, I don't expect it's much more than chance.   Or possibly his take on the painting.   And check out this link here to see a previous blog detailing the mangling the English script receives at times!   Jackie040
This is Batuli's anamorata, Jackie.   Jackie is a Nepali Shikari Khukur with a rare and revered red coat.  ('Shikari' means hunter, 'Khukor' means dog.)  While Mastiffs have blunt noses and wide waists and sort of flat tails, Shikharis have more pointed wolf-like noses, thin waists and big thighs for running in the mountains.    Note the Nepali Dog tendency to have a dramatic curling tail.   Jackie is a bit of a stud.  More on that later.   Shikari Kukur dog from Nepal
Here's a handsome profile by Hari Prasad of Jackie.  The color isn't quite right, but the spirit is there.  Jackie guards his compound with a velvet glove.   But woe to any stranger.   He's big and not afraid to jump!   Or hump, for that matter.     'Dogs are seldom castrated in Nepal'.   What a strange sentence to write.   If you Google that phrase, how many times do you think it will come up?   Please try.   I just checked.   With the quotes around that phrase.   Nothing comes up.   I challenge each and every one of you to do the same.   All three of these signs are available.   The first portrait of Batuli (by Lal Karki) is still available.


And these two dogs are among the luckiest in the world.


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