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Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescued -- by a Danger Dog

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are big and gentle, with distinctive ridges of fur on their back.   A warm fawn color, these dogs are a popular breed.   The Danger Dogs have donated a Rhodesian Ridgeback to aid the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue organization.    Manoj.ridgeback
Manoj from the Lakeside District of Pokhara painted this Ridgeback and some lucky member of the organization will get this portrait included in the gift basket created by the Greater Los Angeles branch of the charity.
This Ridgeback with the lovely jewelry is by Prem of Pokhara.   It is still available.  

For more information and to help rescue these dogs, please go to www.RhodesianRidgeback.org

For the record, these dogs might more properly be called Zimbabwe Zipperbacks!

We are planning our trip to Nepal to order more signs from the Nepali artists in early June.   Send me your photo of your pet and we will have 3 artists make 3 portraits of your pet from which to choose -- helping more artists get work and giving you a choice.   

These paintings are approximately 1 foot square and are synthetic enamel on metal.   They are made to be placed outside as a practical sign warning people that there is a dog on your premises.

Satisfaction guaranteed.   Pay only after you like the portrait.  (We'll be back in mid-July.)  A commission of your pet is $250 for one pet per sign.    Shipping is approximately $10 per sign, and handling is free.   California residents have to pay sales tax.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions, comments or requests.


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