You ain't nothing but a Basset Hound Dog from Nepal!
Sanjib Rana (after Goya)

Sagar -- an Ocean of Talent.

Sagar is a very talented artist whose sense of humor is often evident in his work.   100_4944He often puts his Danger Dogs and Cats in a dramatic circle.   The colors of this Chow knock me out. 100_4915

See the post-apocalyptic background of the dog, named Grace, above.   


He also tends to make even sweet dogs look like thugs, which is kind of the point in a ‘Beware of Dog’ signboard.   Sagar teaches painting to foreigners in Patan, in Kathmandu Valley.   He often works with the Japanese who have taught him to write his name in Japanese.   His name translates to ‘Ocean’ in Nepalese and that’s how he signs his work, often signing on a collar or otherwise integrating his signature artfully.



Here he signed on Chloe the White Standard Poodle's collar and put her in front of a color wheel.  An example of his humor is best shown in the Pug below.   2008_282

A beautiful girl was holding this dog and the instructions were to paint only the pug.   Well, Sagar put his own spin on this Danger Dog.    Not a young man, he’s kept his adolescent humor.

Michelle_Page:Sagar  Sagar, above with his portrait of Obama.     His Obama was the darkest in skintone of the series.

Any questions, you know where to ask.   Cheers!



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