Nepali Pup Art from Nepali Dogs - Jackie and Batuli
Australian Shepherds!

Springer Spaniels in Nepal

Springer Spaniels are a favorite in Nepal.   JkArt.springer

This giant (18 inch square) Springer Spaniel is by JK.   Available.   DSC03510
This Springer Spaniel by Santosh (also available) inspired him to later paint a Springer for a Nepali client.   This was the result:   100_0184
See?   I am a good influence.   This hangs outside a hotel in Pokhara.   Notice the script is only in Nepali.   Don't want to scare away any tourists!   100_0223
And this is the artist JK, who painted the first featured Springer above.       His large-scale Danger Dogs are a treat.     
Every Danger Dog tells a Story.   Want more?   Want to see a particular breed of dog?   Ask!
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