Why I Love Nepal -- Even More Dogs on gates!
Why I love Nepal: Dogs Sleep All Day -- Bark All Night!

What else can these artists do?

Signboard art can include any subject matter and signboard artists are called upon to paint many different subjects.   Amar.alfa

As an artist, I could only dream of capturing the transparency of the windshield, the curving reflections of this lovely circa 1957 Alfa Romeo.    By Amar Shrestha.   GovindaStudio_420
Keeping with our automotive theme, Govinda paints mudflaps along with Pomeranians.  Buddie.Bouvier_2
Sabala painted this portrait of a Bouvier des Flandres and his owner.   She was in good hands.  Bob.Jit_110  
Jit Gurung painted Beware of Bob.   He captured the skin tones and the Hawaiian shirt.   Looks just like Bob.  
A clap stick for a Nepali film.   By Asha Arts.   100_0326
This portrait of Angelina Jolie is how I found the artist Jit Gurung.   It is for a beauty salon in downtown Pokhara.   

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