Why I love Nepal - Darbang
Irish Setters and Gordon Setters as Nepal Pup Art

Why I love Nepal -- Dogs on gates!

I thought it time to put some more of my favorite Danger Dogs that I found on the gates in Nepal.   These are endlessly fascinating to me.  Maybe you'll like them too.   Gates_1

Remember, every Nepali Danger Dog sign has a tongue!  Gates_4
This Dog has seen better days.  Gates_16
All of the signboards featured today are from the Kathmandu area.  Gates_5
I believe this is a dog training facility.   Love the scale.   This day, we were taking a long walk and came upon the following dog.   Gates_6
His owner invited us in for food and tea.   The dog never got any friendlier though.
The lady, Dolma, had lived in Colorado as a young girl and spoke fluent English.   Just goes to show the generosity of the Nepali people.Gates_2
A dog under a gate.
And lest you think that the signboard artists only paint dogs.... Gates_12
The printed Pepsi and Nescafe signs are replacing the native signboard art.  Nepali ladies still wear their native dress, though.   Any questions about Nepal, Nepali art, or the Danger Dogs, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com    Every Danger Dog has a Story -- and a tongue!


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hey Julia, really enjoyed your Dog Feature of Kathmandu...i love dogs...but since i'm from KTM, so i'm used to all sorts of stray dogs in Kathmandu taking for granted... but your fresh perspective is really fascinating...& BTW, just like paintings, u might have noticed that Nepalis ladies prefer tight fitting western jeans these days than their traditional outfits...

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