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Why I love Nepal: Dogs Sleep All Day -- Bark All Night!

The dogs of Nepal think of some ingenious places to catch some rest, all the better to be up all night barking!   

Sleeping dog in Nepal
Dog sleeping in crate in Nepal

This little guy found an out-of-the-way niche in the Bhat Batani district of Kathmandu Valley.
Dog sleeps in the shade in Mustang
Sleeping dog in Mustang
This dog is resting under a tree by the banks of the Kali Gandaki River in the Mustang District of the Himalayas.
Dog sleeping in Pokhara
Dog sleeps by postcard rack in Pokhara
This dog sleeps outside the Saleways Departmental Store in the Lakeside District of Pokhara. 


Tibetan dog in Mustang
Sleeping dog in Mustang

Dog sleeps on the Annapurna Circuit
Dog sleeping in Ratu Pani
Here's a dog sleeping in the nighttime!  He is the resident dog at our Guest House in Ratu Pani.   Ratu Pani means Red Water in Nepali.   This little town has only one accomodation, but has a nice small hot spring just outside of town.   Ratu Pani is on the way from Tato Pani walking towards Beni.  
Sleeping Dog in Nepal
Dog sleeps alongside the Annapurna Circuit
Here's a dog sleeping outside the guest house in Ratu Pani the next morning.   Ratu Pani is in the background.  


Dog with looms in the Himalayas
Dog sleeps next to looms in Nepal
Sleep looms.


Kalopani Dog
Sleeping dog near Kalopani Guest House
Sleeping dog outside the Kalopani Guest House on the way from Jomsom to Beni.   Kalo Pani means Black Water in Nepali.


These are some of my favorite sleepers.  Questions, comments... ampage1@gmail.com




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