Nepali Horse Signs
What else can these artists do?

Why I Love Nepal -- Even More Dogs on gates!

These are more of the beauties that inspire me every trip to Nepal.   100_0483

This beagle looks pretty dangerous to me.   100_0401
Almost gone!   But still honored with a garland of marigolds.   100_0402
The signboard above is a miniature, about 3 inches square.   I was riding in a minibus when I spotted it and got out to photograph it.   Across the street was Hari's studio.   A very happy find!   100_0405
This German Shepherd signboard gives me hope that the tradition will continue.   It was hung sometime in July, 2007.     100_0408
Pachas-Pachas (50/50) is a Nepali dog that lives in Naxal.   She lives right beside Mahesh's studio and is very friendly as well as striking in her markings.    100_0410
This happy Alsatian Danger Dog has seen better days.   100_0415
All of the above signboards are increasingly being replace by the stencilled signboard above from the Everest Kennel Club.   And that is the reason for the Danger Dog project.   Save endangered Nepali Pup Art!   And give Nepali artists work at the same time.


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They are beautiful. I love the beagle.

michelle page

Thanks, Nahgems. Me, too.


it only means they really love dogs. thanks for sharing those pictures! have you heard on 1 million dollar shelter makeover?

michelle page

Gelsey: Thanks! Glad I didn't win that contest.


They honor their dogs so much! That's good! Hey, try giving your dog with this pup-peroni dog treats, your dog will surely love it!

Doberman Puppy

Amazing pictures! These signboards look very artistic and unique. I would love to see similar signboards in our town. Thanks for sharing this post!

bath math

very nice blog......
i like your posting ,this is the better blog.


michelle page

Thanks, everyone. It means a lot to me that there is someone out there reading these posts.

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