Nepali Pup Art at Mama Hillybeans in Tehachapi
Why I love Nepal -- Dogs on gates!

Why I love Nepal - Darbang

We will be returning to Nepal this June for the 5th trip in the Danger Dogs cycle.   Like any business, we are slower than usual this year, but we will be making some great new Danger Dogs (and Cats).   I am really excited to be going back.   Here's some things we have missed...   100_0253
This beautiful house and farm is outside Darbang in the Myagdi district of Nepal.   While Darbang is the district capital, there is no electricity and no cars or even motorbikes.   They rely instead on small solar panels for light.   100_0255
And you walk among these lovely mountains to get anywhere.   100_0259
Here's a happy dog in Darbang.   100_0260
Those are white pumpkins (or Farsi in Nepali language) lined up on this farm house.   Since there is no transportation other then foot traffic, the houses are still built in the traditional style.  Notice the stone bench on the left -- built just right for resting your load, and in the shade.  100_0267
A Nepali rooster.  
Bishnu with his Danger Dog portrait.   Bishnu soon left to paint in Saudi Arabia.  100_0269
Here's a local cafe in Darbang, complete with a beauty parlor and political graffiti (the Sun Party at left).    100_0270
Here's the close up of the full service menu.   Hair cut and Make up for ladies only -- No fairy's here!  This sign is by Bishnu.  100_0271
This signboard is for our local favorite beer hall.   Also painted by Bishnu.   100_0273
Above is the wife and son of the beer hall owner.  We spent many a happy hour here eating delicious snacks and drinking cool beer and the potent local Raxi -- aka Nepali moonshine.
Bishnu's Danger Dogs drying in our hotel room.   This hotel room had two windows overlooking the bridge crossing the river gorge.   At night fireflies would fly in one window and out the other.   Who needs electricity?   100_0279
Through the other window of our hotel room, we had a view of young girls playing and studying.   Most of the young men and boys would travel to bigger towns to work or study, or to Saudi Arabia.   There's not much to keep them here.   Many older men would stop off at our hotel's cafe during breakfast for a liter of Raxi.   100_0281
Here's an example of a typical Myagdi house with lush overgrowth and a ladder cut from a single log to the storage room.
Please contact me if you want to know more about Nepal.


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