More Venice Art Walk Danger Dogs to Watch Out For!
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Danger Dogs from Mustang District

Jomsom is a bustling commercial town with an airport and is the gateway to the exclusive Upper Mustang Kingdom of Nepal.  

In Jomsom, there is one signboard artist.    Khardar Gurung works in the windy town of Jomsom -- 9000’ (2800 meters) in altitude.   He is the only artist working in the district at this time, and his fanciful signs fill the streets of the town and through much of the lower Annapurna Circuit.  



This signboard will be featured in the Venice Art Walk Silent Auction.  

Khardar is quite graceful in his rendering of the Tibetan script, including a lovely drop shadow.   No question that he is my best Tibetan calligrapher.


These works were done for my first trip, when I had few commissions -- only a grand idea to promote Danger Dog signboard art.   And as there were no roads or transport, so to speak, I did not carry any photos of dogs with me.   So each of Khardar’s dogs are a work of his imagination.  



Gurung is a common surname of the Annapurna region.   


Jomsom has an airport and is the commercial drop off point for many goods on their way to the Mustang District of Nepal.  In fact, it's the King of Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang's capitol) who is the last man standing in the King Department since King Gyendra was dethroned in April, 2008.   But we digress.   



The first Danger Dog signboard ever to be sold was by Khardar.    The owner of the popular Lotus Gallery in the Thamel area bought it as a gift.   Turns out he liked it so much he has kept it for himself.

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