Danger Dogs from Mustang District
Venice Art Walk - Danger Dogs update

Happy Mother's Day from NepalDog.com


We met this lady and her child while trekking on the road back from Chiso Pani (means 'cold water' in Nepali) high in the Himalayas.   This young mother is obviously proud of her baby.100_0234
The artist Shree's lovely wife and daughter.  
This lady ran our beer bar in Darbang.   Her next youngest child is 14!   A later in life surprise.  
Hari Timsina with his beautiful wife and son.  When asked how things are going he replied, 'I am satisfied.'    I'm very glad to hear it.   
This lovely dog who lives on the Stupa in Boudha, had 6 puppies.   They all went to good homes.   The Tibetans like black and white dogs.   One daughter still lives with the mom.   We play with her often.   Stupa dogs have a good life, getting treats from the tourists and locals alike.   


Happy Mother's Day from me at NepalDog.com    Hope you all had a good day and love your mothers!


Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.   Thanks again for supporting Nepali artists.   


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