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Craft and Folk Art Museum Dogs!

The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, just across from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a long and storied past.   A Folk Art Museum since 1973, I am proud to say that the Danger Dogs have been sold at CAFAM  since October 2007, only a few months after I started the Danger Dog Project.  
This cute little white dog by Karma is owned by the artist Carin Berger from a photo I took at Bergamot Station.   All of the signboards featured today are available at the Craft and Folk Art Museum gift shop.
My husband and I were at a garage sale in West Los Angeles when we came across this little bulldog.   He sure liked to be petted.   By Megh Raj.
This is a portrait of Rufian by Sagar.   A guard dog that lives on a ranch bordering Mexico.   He and his packmate Luna actually have the job of keeping peace and order in their bailiwick.    Sagar signs his pieces with the Japanese Chop that means Ocean. 
No Danger Dog exhibit is complete without a Zen Cat.   This is Fuzzbie by Amar.  
This is Layla, a black labrador from Northern California by Sabala.   This photo does not do justice to this painting.
A Maltese puppy by Santosh.  
A signboard by Pulkit of Nepal Art.   This wavy dog reminds me of an Edward Munch.  
This portrait of Chloe the Jack Russell is one of my favorites.   In Tibetan script and a delightfully mangled English.   This is by Ram Badahur Lama.   I was completely surprised by this one.  I had ordered 8 pieces from an artist I knew -- Shahi -- and when I came to pick up, Ram had painted the signboards.   It was a pleasant surprise.   As I told Shahi, next time both of you get work.   It's an interesting and sometimes frustrating aspect of this business that if an artist is busy, or his cousin, friend, whatever, needs some work, the artist will pass the commission on to the one in need.   
Exciting and frustrating at the same time.   I can't complain about Ram Badahur in any case.
This is taken from a photo of a Nepali dog that I took.   I call this the 'Harliquin Dog' by Nabin. 
A Pekingese by Vinosh.   Vinosh is one of the artists that I have lost to Saudi Arabia.   It is common for a Nepali signboard artist to work with a Manpower agency and enter into a 3-year contract to work overseas.   The first 6 months of the contract all the money goes directly to the Manpower agency who brokered the deal.   The portrait is signed Birju because Birju is the one who does the lettering and hence the last to handle the piece before handing it off to me.   I will miss Vinosh.   Probably not as much as his family will.

A Bernese Mountain Dog by Manoj.  
Diesel the Boston Terrier by Amar.  Diesel runs a shop on Abbot Kinney.

On Saturday, May 30, in conjunction with the Muse Art Walk at LACMA and the Craft and Folk Art Museum the Danger Dogs will be part of the  Global Bazaar at CAFAM.   From 10 am to 6 pm I will be in the courtyard with a very special lot of Danger Dogs and Cats.   Remember 'Every Danger Dog has a Story'.   Come by and hear those stories, meet me, see these featured Danger Dogs in person, and have a great time all around.  

The Craft and Folk Art Museum also is exhibiting Mithila Paintings, a traditional Folk Art from India and Nepal.   You will be enchanted.  

I'm going to Nepal soon for the fifth Danger Dog trip!   And I promise it will be a trip!   Please send me your commissions, and help the Nepali Signboard art from disappearing like so many other artforms.   Any of you who remember the huge movie posters on canvas that covered the Asian Movie Palaces in places like Burma, Thailand, India and Malaysia in the 70's and 80's and see the printed movie posters that replaced them will want to join me in supporting these artists.  

This is a Fair Trade Art Project that gives the artist money, dignity, and artistic license.   Micro-finance as art patronage.  

Danger Cat Art from Nepal

When first asked to paint a Beware of Cat signboard, literally every artist asked why.   'Cats are good.' they'd say.  In Nepal, cats are vermin control.    I think the artists' fondness for cats comes through in the following paintings.

Triple Kitties by ShaShi.   All cat signboards in this post are available.
Shantosh painted Hollie Hobble the 3-legged cat.   He managed to make her a two-legged cat.
Bo the Danger Cat by Arjun Karki.  
Birju painted this portrait of Auggie Doggie.   This one was supposed to say 'Beware of Dog.'
Queenie by Shantos.
Bo by Hari Timsina.  
Cruiser by Ram Krishna.
Fluffy by Shantos.
Bo by Shiva.   This is a little larger than the usual square foot.   This is approximately 14 inches square.
Mary the Danger Cat by Sagar.
Zia by Sabala.
Triple Cats by Binod at Royal Arts. 
Luke by Sagar.   Signed by Birju -- who did the lettering.  
Triple kitties by Sagar.   These guys look a little cynical.
Avoid these Cats by ShaShi.
Hari Timsina painted this Nepali Jungle Cat.   This cat, Bo, was found in the wild before it was weaned.   It's mother had died.   They brought Bo to a British nurse to raise.   Bo is now old and almost toothless, weighs about 45 pounds and has a nice large area and regularly eats raw chicken. 
Fuzzbie the Zen Cat by Sabala.  

These Cats are part of the Danger Dog Fair Trade Art Project.    We strive to invigorate the Nepali Signboard industry by commissioning beware of dog  (or cat or bird or hamster, etc.) signboards.   They are available to the public for $125 to $200 each.   Please contact me at if you are interested in prices.  

You can also commission a portrait of your own pet for $250 and will receive a choice of 3 portraits by 3 different artists.   That way, you are sure to be satisfied and 3 artists get work.   You only pay after choosing a painting.   Satisfaction guaranteed.  

I will be leaving for the fifth Danger Dog trip soon and will return in early August.   Please send me your files of your pet and help the Nepali signboard industry.



Achtung! German Shepherd Danger Dogs from Nepal

Many of my Nepali signboard artists would paint German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers exclusively if I let them.   Today, I'll feature some of the Shepherds that I currently have available from the Danger Dog project.
Dilip Naroj would only accept Shepherds and Dobermans at first, but grudgingly agreed to a Black Lab.   Now he even paints Cats for me!  
This German Shepherd by Manoj of Pokhara is from the same photo as Dilip's above.
Ramesh of Om Arts contributed this beauty.
Saachin of Jorpati, who now lives in the US, painted this charming signboard.   That smile doesn't scare me!
This triple photo shows the choice that Otis' owner had to make.   He chose the bottom painting by Sabala, but the top left, by Hari, and the top right, by Hari Prasad, are still available.   Otis is a Bat Dog, and all three artists thought I meant 'Bad Dog'!   This is an example of what you get when you order your own personal Danger Dog.   You get to choose the text and you get a choice of 3 different paintings of your pet.   Most importantly, three artists get work!
Above by Amar. 
Govinda painted this large-tongued shepherd.
This German Shepherd's name is Brown.   Painting by Punam.   The script is in Tibetan.   The Tibetan script says 'Brown' -- but when I asked a Monk at the Schechen Monastery in Boudha how to write the Tibetan for the color brown, they said they would write red-green, which is how they define brown -- a mix of red and green!   Confused?   Me, too!
Here's Brown again, by ShaShi.  

The Danger Dog Project is a Fair Trade Art Project dedicated to improving the lives of Nepali Signboard artists by giving them work at a fair price.   American Dogs = Nepali Jobs.   Micro-finance through art patronage.  

The project has commissioned over 1000 signboards to date, and I will be returning to Nepal soon to commission more.  

The Danger Dog Project also donates a percentage of all profits to various charities, some art related, some health related, some pet rescue related.   Spread the wealth and commission your very own Nepali signboard!    Just send me a photo of your pet and pay only after you choose which painting you like!   Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most signs are a foot square and are on metal, painted with synthetic enamel.

Please contact me with any questions or comments at and see more of the Danger Dogs at

Boxers as Nepali Pup Art

Boxers are a perennial favorite in the Danger Dog oeurvre.   Here's what's available in the Boxer realm.  Birju.boxer
This painting is by Baba, a South Indian painter, and only signed by Birju.   Available.  
Siggy by Dilip Niroj.   Contrary to the evidence, Siggy does not drink.   This signboard was made as an alternative for the restaurant Flake, who kindly has a drinking station outside for the neighborhood dogs.   Flake is on Rose at Rennie and opens daily for a delicious breakfast featuring any kind of cereal you could imagine.   
This is by Gyan.   Available.
From the same photo of Buddy, this is by Mahesh.
This very dramatic, buff and macho boxer is by Ram Krishna.   Love the collar.
Above is Haggy by Sufraj.
A skeleton boxer by Surya. 
Boxer by Manoj.
This boxer by Ramesh looks like he got the Cauliflower ears.    Haggy the Boxer says "You should have seen the other guy!"

All of the Danger Dog Boxers featured here today are approximately 1 foot square, synthetic enamel on metal and are available. 

Please contact me for prices (range from $140 to $180).

Remember, this is Fair Trade Art.   Micro-finance through Art Patronage.   These artists' livelihood is fast diminishing due to the ever-mighty computer and it's digital images.   

American Dogs = Nepali Jobs!  

Govinda Kalikote and his paintings on Bodhi leaves

Yesterday, at the Venice Art Walk, the Danger Dogs caught a lot of interest and made a lot of money for the Venice Free Clinic.   29 pieces were the traditional Danger Dog signboards on metal, but the piece I put in by Govinda was a painting of Chopper, an Australian Shepherd on a bodhi leaf.    That painting sold, and I thought I'd show you what else Govinda paints on the leaves of the Bodhi Tree.2008Dogs_60 



Under the Bodhi Tree is where Buddha first found enlightenment.   Govinda has a Bodhi Tree just outside his studio.   All that free canvas!  

More importantly, what kind of Dogs does he paint?   Here's what's still available:
Ruby the Majestic Labrador by Govinda.  Writing in Tibetan script.   Govinda uses reflective tape for his lettering, so though the lettering on these signs appears orange, it is red in person.
Ruffian by Govinda.  Script in Nepali.  Ruffian is a lucky dog that lives on a ranch in New Mexico and has the job of being a real Danger Dog, protecting the property.  
Oscar by Govinda.  Script in Nepali.
This is the lovely Hilde by Govinda.   That's a Nepali tongue!   Script in Nepali.
Luna, Ruffian's partner in crime on the ranch, by Govinda.   Writing in Nepali.  
You can find this Labradoodle by Govinda at      Script in Nepali.
Govinda Kalikote holding his painting of Moose the Rottweiler.   Script in Nepali.   On the right side of the frame is a large painted banner that is typical of a signboard artist's daily work.  

All of the Danger Dogs featured in this post by Govinda are available.   Please contact me if you have any questions at