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Venice Art Walk - Danger Dogs update

30 Danger Dogs will be featured in the Venice Art Walk, benefiting the Venice Free Clinic.   Please come on Sunday, May 17, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm and check out the art, check out the Dogs and help a great cause.  
Venice art walk_25
This Mastiff by Pulkit of Nepal Arts will be exhibited for the first time at the Venice Art Walk.  
Venice art walk_2
It was hard to photograph, but this portrait of Chopper the Australian Shepherd was painted on a Bodhi leaf, a traditional art form in Nepal.   It is more usual for the paintings on the Bodhi leaf to be religious in nature.   Buddha first gained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree in Nepal.   By Govinda Kalikote. 
Venice art walk_5
Amar Shrestha painted Sophie with a buttercream background, capturing the native intelligence of a poodle.  
Venice art walk_6
Shree contributes this 'Dangers' Chihuahua.  
Venice art walk_8
Haggy the Boxer is painted by Sufraj.

Please donate to this wonderful charity.   Go to Venice Family Clinic for more information. 

There will be a total of 30 Danger Dogs featured in the Silent Auction.   More on the Venice Art Walk featured dogs in subsequent blogs.   Stay tuned.  

We are leaving even earlier for Nepal than planned.   (Something about the airfare jumping in price on June 1.)  

If you'd like to buy an existing dog, there is no better time.  

If you'd like to order a portrait of your pet, there's no better time!    Remember, for each special order you get at least three choices by three different artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed.  

It's easy.   Just email me a photo of your pet.  You pay only after you like at least one of the portraits.   What more could you ask?

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with orders, questions, suggestions or comments.   You can see over 1000 Danger Dogs on my website:   www.nepalDog.com

And....when in Nepal, I will be blogging as often as the wonky electricity will allow.   Nepal is a great country.   My enthusiasm can be catching.   Please tune in.

Doggedly,   Michelle



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