Missing Danger Dogs! Reward!
Govinda Kalikote and his paintings on Bodhi leaves

Vintage Danger Dogs Available

Sometimes I'd go into a shop to hire an artist and there would be a 'Beware of Dog' sign already on the wall ready made.   Shree.blackdog

This little beauty is by Shree and is available.   The detail in the muzzle and the toes, and the dropshadowing in the lettering all bode well for his work.   He did not disappoint.   Shree also showed me his watercolor portraits of his wife, his mother-in-law and his own self-portrait.   The first and only artist to show me his portfolio, I am hoping that he is getting a lot of interesting work in South Korea, where he is on a 3-year contract.   DSC03555
This is by Lal Badahur of Himal Arts.   It is smaller that average and available.DSC03578_2_2
Your caption here!  This I found at Nepal Arts, and it just cries out for some lettering.   The back of this painting has some graffiti.  Also available.  DSC03605
I found this one in the 'for sale bin' at Nabin's studio in 2004.   There were two, and I only bought one, not knowing at the time that I would become the 'world's biggest collector' of these signs.   And, no, I'm not fat  --  I just have a lot of these signboards!    It's available.   NOW SOLD.Ramesh.vintage
Lastly, we have this by Ramesh of Om Art.   There is a lot of reworking in the nose and the tail was shortened.  This signboard is on recycled metal, with writing on the back, and is available.


Place your orders for commissions soon!   The 5th Danger Dog trip is beginning soon.   Remember, you get three portraits of your pet from three different artists.   You only pay if you are satisfied with the art.   Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more info.


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