Kathmandu Beauty Shop and Tailor signs

Long Day in Kathmandu!

I got a lot done yesterday, ordered over 60 signboards with 7 artists and covered a lot of territory. 
First order of business was a 7:30 am breakfast meeting with Surya.   Next off into the hot steamy pre-Monsoonal wilds of Kathmandu.
It was good to see Megh Raj and meet his son Onup. Onup has a good command of English. 
There has been some unrest at Chabahil in the last 4 days, making it difficult to get out of the Boudha area. Indeed, we took a microbus to Chabahil and were let out early due to a demonstration.   The usual police presence actually reassures me that we can walk through an area and that no rocks will be thrown.   Megh Raj' studio is right in the thick of things.  
We stopped and chatted with Painter Babu, a gentleman with a history of painting movie posters.
He still has some old hand-painted movie posters hanging in the back of his shop, as well as a portrait of himself in younger days (lower center).   Pretty racy shot at lower right.
We decided to walk to Old Baneshwor rather than sit in the traffic jams in a microbus.  Traffic in Kathmandu is chaotic.   The demonstrations at Chabahil  the last few days are due to a bus driver rear-ending two young men on a motorbike driving them into a truck and killing them.   This caused an immediate uprising of family and friends demanding justice from the bus company to reimburse the young men's family for their death.   In the meantime, the intersection has been blockaded and many buses from the company at fault were pummelled, and the crowd even attacked a microbus full of schoolchildren.   This causes an uproar in the media but nothing seems to be done. 
I also ordered some signboards with Dilip, and had time to chat with his wife and lovely daughter.   Again the younger generation is better with English.   She's a great little girl.   Nepali children are very polite and well-behaved.  
On the way to Hari Timsina's studio we passed an adaptive re-use of the ubiquitous Everest Kennel Club signboard.    Cheerful little guy.
I also passed a rare Everest Kennel Club signboard in English as well.
We stopped for lunch at a large restaurant we like near Hari's studio.   There was a wedding on the grounds.   Hope this couple is happier then they look!   As Dan says, the marriage is sure to last in any case. 
Though they seem distracted here, they may be exhausted from the ceremony and parties.   Often Nepali couples have not met up until the day of the wedding.  Here they are holding hands, and later I saw them at a table with friends and they were laughing.  

This little girl enjoyed her pink dress.   Later she ran her mother ragged.  
The bridal get-away car.


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