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Why we love Kathmandu

We left the hotel early yesterday morning and took a long bus ride around the Ring Road to the other side of town -- to the Buddhist enclave Swayambunath.   Of course, we look at it differently than other people.   100_9555

Signboards of interest everywhere!


And signboard artists.  


Even a painting of a dog or two.  


And the sleeping dogs to accompany them.   100_9560

This is the reverse side of the above signboard.   But life here in Kathmandu is not all crowded busrides along the dusty Ring Road and looking at signboards and sleeping dogs.  100_9543

Sometimes we stop in at the Saturday Cafe overlooking the Boudhanath Stupa and have a selection of homemade sorbets and ice cream.  This day we had plum sorbet and lemon sorbet.   But the Mango ice cream and especially the lychee sorbet are not to be missed.   It went well with the date cake.  


Here at the Stupa Garden Restaurant, Dan is picking peaches from a tree made for climbing.   Perhaps you've heard of the HoneyHunters of Nepal who scale cliffs in search of honey.   Here's Dan's version.



The prize!  

We are leaving Kathmandu tomorrow for the resort town of Pokhara, then we will be heading up into the mountains for, we hope, a month.  

You can still order your Danger Dog signboard, but if you want any Pokhara artists, you have to order soon.   The Pokhara artists include Punam, Santosh, Shahi and Jit Gurung.  

Any questions or comments, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.



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