More final Danger Dogs are in.
Dogs of Mustang and the Kali Gandaki

Danger Dogs just keep coming!

Yesterday, I picked up from Dilip.   Here are the results, filling in a number of outstanding Danger Dogs.


Here are four from Dilip.   Otterpop and Ruby, Paws, Cooper and Gustavo (clockwise from top left).

He's getting a little creative with the spelling in that first one.   Or maybe he was just agog!


Four more from Dilip:  King and Princess (a couple of Pomeranians), Merlin, Georgie the King Charles Spaniel and the lovely Agatha, a Great Dane.


Sanjib Rana with his portrait of Simon.   This was taken in the foyer of the Dragon Guest House.  


Kitty and Maddy, both Labrador Retrievers, Chocolate Chip the cat, and Smiling Simon the Zen Dog.   All by Sanjib Rana (clockwise from top left).


The finals of King Luke the Danger Dog are in!   By Santosh (red), Sabala (green) and Dilip (blue).   Which would you choose?


Pinky the Jack Russell Terrier by Sufraj, Dilip and Jit Gurung (clockwise from top left).


Lulu the Jack Russell Terrier by Santosh, Jit Gurung and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   More hard choices.


Ferdinand the Bulldog puppy by Shahi, Amar and Sabala.


I don't know if anyone else likes dragonflies as much as I do, but this one was nice enough to sit still for his portrait.

More tomorrow.  

Doggedly,   Michelle


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