Danger Dogs just keep coming!
The Danger Dogs just keep coming!

Dogs of Mustang and the Kali Gandaki


The dogs of Mustang are big, lovely and friendly.   This big guy was outside of his house in Lete.


A friendly puppy from Khingar.   This little one could not stop wiggling in his quest to be petted.


This black labrador rests outside his home in Kagbeni.


This beauty from just south of Larjung is typical of Kali Gandaki Valley dogs with his red eyebrows. 


This dog is from a little off the trail near Titi Lake. 


Dogs in all of Nepal sleep very well in the oddest of positions.   Here is that dog from Lete again  - the first one in this post.


A dog sleeping on his porch in Ghasa.


Red dog asleep in front of his beautiful house in Ghasa.


My camera flash woke this dog as he slept.   He came right over and....101_0595

...promptly began rubbing the back of my legs, while his friend came up for a scratch behind the ears.  Nepali dogs appear to love foreigners.   We must smell different, often with a treat in our pocket, and always a hand to scratch those hard to reach places. 

By the way, notice how clean and well swept these areas are.   The people of the Kali Gandaki and Mustang could teach me a thing or two about keeping a clean porch.

More Danger Dogs coming tomorrow!


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I love seeing the local dogs, they help me understand the folks who paint them with such care.

michelle page

Thanks, Roberta. The Nepalis are good with animals and it shows in the sweet personalities of their dogs. I once had an artist that didn't like dogs and it showed in his work. Needless to say, he's off the roster.

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