The first Danger Dog in miniature: Art by Megh Raj and Dilip.

I'm still wild about Hari!

It's always fun to see Hari Timsina and his lovely wife.   He has outdone himself.   His work is not to everyone's taste, but is just my cup of tea.
Here is the man himself with his portrait of Mollie the Jack Russell terrier.
This is the biggest smile I could get out of Hari, even with his wife mugging in the background trying to make him smile.   By the way, I love the spelling of this signboard.
Here is his wife with the curious Lucy.   She insisted on painting my right palm with henna, then I had more pick ups while it dried, having to dig in my purse for receipts and money, etc.  
Cody, the Portuguese water dog, Bliss the Devilish Australian shepherd going through her agility paces, Mollie, the Jack Russell and Desi, the Havanese Danger Dog.
Lucy, Lulu the Pugnacious Siamese, Sirius Black the Barred Rock chicken and Duke the Weimaraner.

Thanks to all, gotta go meet with Sanjib in 15 minutes!


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