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The Danger Dogs just keep coming!


Here are the finals of King and Princess, an adorable pair of Pomeranians.   By Sabala, Dilip, and Nara (clockwise from upper left).   Nara obviously didn't understand that they were to be on the same signboard.  


Dilip, Sabala and Nara (clockwise from top left) and their portraits of Agatha the Great Dane.


The Wise Georgie and his final portraits by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.  I find it interesting that all of the artists painted him against a blue background.  


Merlin the Magic Dog by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.


Simon, his lettering drying at Nara's, takes a ride on a motorcycle in Kathmandu!


Amar hard at work on Paws and Mollie.


The cute Corton by Sabala, Nara, Amar and Santosh.   I need to have the lettering changed once again on the one by Amar.   They keep wanting to make one 'Be Aware of Dog' with this painting.   Yikes!


Pinky and Lulu the Jack Russell Terriers and their double portraits.   By Sagar, Megh Raj and Sabala (clockwise from upper left).


Fritzi's final three are by Manoj, Amar and Raj (clockwise from top left).


Finally, Megh Raj with his portrait of Gustavo, complete with it's Nepali lettering.

This trip is winding down, but please come by this site and read about the Danger Dogs.   They are always up to something!   I will also be trying to get the Dogs in museum shops around the country, so that more people can see them in person.   These paintings are on metal, approximately one square foot, and the artists are paid a fair trade price for their work.  

Dogs of Mustang and the Kali Gandaki


The dogs of Mustang are big, lovely and friendly.   This big guy was outside of his house in Lete.


A friendly puppy from Khingar.   This little one could not stop wiggling in his quest to be petted.


This black labrador rests outside his home in Kagbeni.


This beauty from just south of Larjung is typical of Kali Gandaki Valley dogs with his red eyebrows. 


This dog is from a little off the trail near Titi Lake. 


Dogs in all of Nepal sleep very well in the oddest of positions.   Here is that dog from Lete again  - the first one in this post.


A dog sleeping on his porch in Ghasa.


Red dog asleep in front of his beautiful house in Ghasa.


My camera flash woke this dog as he slept.   He came right over and....101_0595

...promptly began rubbing the back of my legs, while his friend came up for a scratch behind the ears.  Nepali dogs appear to love foreigners.   We must smell different, often with a treat in our pocket, and always a hand to scratch those hard to reach places. 

By the way, notice how clean and well swept these areas are.   The people of the Kali Gandaki and Mustang could teach me a thing or two about keeping a clean porch.

More Danger Dogs coming tomorrow!

Danger Dogs just keep coming!

Yesterday, I picked up from Dilip.   Here are the results, filling in a number of outstanding Danger Dogs.


Here are four from Dilip.   Otterpop and Ruby, Paws, Cooper and Gustavo (clockwise from top left).

He's getting a little creative with the spelling in that first one.   Or maybe he was just agog!


Four more from Dilip:  King and Princess (a couple of Pomeranians), Merlin, Georgie the King Charles Spaniel and the lovely Agatha, a Great Dane.


Sanjib Rana with his portrait of Simon.   This was taken in the foyer of the Dragon Guest House.  


Kitty and Maddy, both Labrador Retrievers, Chocolate Chip the cat, and Smiling Simon the Zen Dog.   All by Sanjib Rana (clockwise from top left).


The finals of King Luke the Danger Dog are in!   By Santosh (red), Sabala (green) and Dilip (blue).   Which would you choose?


Pinky the Jack Russell Terrier by Sufraj, Dilip and Jit Gurung (clockwise from top left).


Lulu the Jack Russell Terrier by Santosh, Jit Gurung and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   More hard choices.


Ferdinand the Bulldog puppy by Shahi, Amar and Sabala.


I don't know if anyone else likes dragonflies as much as I do, but this one was nice enough to sit still for his portrait.

More tomorrow.  

Doggedly,   Michelle

More final Danger Dogs are in.

With a pick up at Dilip's yesterday, more of the 'Three-of-a-Kind' series will be featured.   Here goes:


Brocco the English Bulldog.   This beauty is now finished.   By Megh Raj, Amar and Sabala clockwise from top left.  I don't envy the owner her choice.   They all captured Brocco!


Tippy, a Border-Collie/Labrador mix by Shahi, Amar and Sagar.   These three couldn't be more different in style.


Here is the completed set for MacGuffin.   By Nara, Amar and Sabala, clockwise from top left.  The artists all had fun with those ears.


Lulu the Siamese Boxing Kitty by Amar, Hari Timsina and Sabala, clockwise from top left.   I had to go back to the original photo to figure out what that blue at the bottom was...a 40's sweetheart neckline, a bra, a pillow?   Turns out it is the owner's blue socks that Lulu is playing with.


This is Chocolate Chip by Sabala.  


Dilip with his portrait of Gustavo.   Dilip has a recently shaved head.   This means that a close family member has died and that he is in mourning. 


Karma in his new studio.


Millie the Chocolate Labrador by Megh Raj awaiting her Nepali writing.


This is the final version of my own hens.   Can't wait to see them.   Soon!

Any questions or comments are welcome.  Please contact me at

Namaste until tomorrow when I will have more from Amar and Dilip.

Three of a kind!

Followers of this site might notice a trend in Nepali dog signboard art -- they like pink (or red) tongues on their Danger Dogs.   I think  I need to add an advice column for how to get the best, most juicy Danger Dog.   In the right mood, even a dog who 'wouldn't say boo to a ghost' can be painted as scary.

Of course the proliferation of Zen, Dharma, Enlightened and Happy Dogs show that most of these dogs are not scary at all.  

Jake, a pitbull-greyhound mix, is a good example of that tongue the Nepali artists love.


By Hari Prasad, Sabala and Nara (clockwise from top left).

I thought Nara had captured him.  Sabala gave him a pink background and brought out his impressionistic side.  And finally I saw Hari Prasad's version with the little toenails peeking out from under his breastbone -- who could choose?  Nepali artists love teeth, gums and tongues most of all -  and Jake has them in spades!   Notice also that all 3 artists chose to highlight his green collar.   Hari P, with his love of shadow, gave Jake a fuller presence than Nara or Sabala.   Nara's is signed "Nara Arts, Balanku USC, Kathmandu, Nepal" on the reverse.   


Here is an example of three excellent paintings from the same photo.   But only one looks like the dog in question.   The others look like other dogs, though.   Above:  Lucy the Jack Russell terrier by Nara, Sufraj and Sabala.  (Clockwise from top left.)


Sonny, by Sufraj, Sabala and Megh Raj.   (clockwise from top left.)   What color is Sonny in reality?  

Thank you all for your support of these Nepali artists.   Today, I pick up finals from Amar and Dilip.

See you tomorrow, I hope.