Three of a kind!
Danger Dogs just keep coming!

More final Danger Dogs are in.

With a pick up at Dilip's yesterday, more of the 'Three-of-a-Kind' series will be featured.   Here goes:


Brocco the English Bulldog.   This beauty is now finished.   By Megh Raj, Amar and Sabala clockwise from top left.  I don't envy the owner her choice.   They all captured Brocco!


Tippy, a Border-Collie/Labrador mix by Shahi, Amar and Sagar.   These three couldn't be more different in style.


Here is the completed set for MacGuffin.   By Nara, Amar and Sabala, clockwise from top left.  The artists all had fun with those ears.


Lulu the Siamese Boxing Kitty by Amar, Hari Timsina and Sabala, clockwise from top left.   I had to go back to the original photo to figure out what that blue at the bottom was...a 40's sweetheart neckline, a bra, a pillow?   Turns out it is the owner's blue socks that Lulu is playing with.


This is Chocolate Chip by Sabala.  


Dilip with his portrait of Gustavo.   Dilip has a recently shaved head.   This means that a close family member has died and that he is in mourning. 


Karma in his new studio.


Millie the Chocolate Labrador by Megh Raj awaiting her Nepali writing.


This is the final version of my own hens.   Can't wait to see them.   Soon!

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Namaste until tomorrow when I will have more from Amar and Dilip.


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