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July 2009

More Danger Dogs (and Cats)


Danger Sphinx by Sabala, Sagar and Jit Gurung.   (Clockwise from top left.)


Kate Moss, Eloisa, Pinky and Otterpop and Ruby's double portrait.   All by Sufraj.


Tippy, Mollie and Desi by Sagar.   Sagar signs his portraits with a Japanese chop meaning 'Ocean', the translation of Sagar's name in Nepali.   Sagar is a common name, even though Nepal is landlocked and has no ocean.


A double portrait of Pinky and Lulu, a hairless sphinx cat, and Lucy the Cattle Dog -- all by Sagar.


I was very excited to see the new work by Hari Prasad.   His portraits of Jake, the pit-greyhound mix, Cooper, the Black Lab, and our lovely chickens, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly (Ginger) and Vivien Leigh thrilled me.  


More from Sabala.   Here is Georgie, the King Charles spaniel, Brocco, the English Bulldog, Paws the Terrier, and Corton.  (Clockwise from top left).


Pinky and Lulu and Gustavo by Sabala, Jasper the Dachshund, and Fritzi by Manoj.   

I'm going to start a new post.   Stay tuned!   It will feature the final three of a number of signboards.

Danger Dogs from Kathmandu!

The monsoon rains continue their fall.   But that's a good thing.   The late light rains will cause scarcity in rice in a couple of months.   But all  good new on the Danger Dog front.


Amar hard at work on the dog I call Jack Nelson.   This Jack Russell was featured on a catalogue in 2006, and so charmed someone that they have made him a Danger Dog!   Yesterday, I learned that 'Amar' means 'live forever' in Nepali.


Kitty, a lovely Labrador Retriever by Sabala drying.


Sufraj with Beauty Shop prototype part 2.   This is Kate Moss, the Supermodel. 101_1646 

Here's Megh Raj' latest version of Gustavo, awaiting his Nepali lettering. 


Pinky and Lulu, a pair of Jack Russells from Megh Raj.   Still needs lettering.


I had high hopes with Manoj, my new artist.   Remember he is the gentleman with the primitive Beware of Dog signboard outside his studio.   Here is Fritzi in all her glory, hiding in the grasses.  

Manoj is 32-years old, has a 4-year-old daughter, and is my only Christian artist so far.   He speaks impeccable English, and offered us a cup of tea.


His kitchen was small but spotless, every surface washed and everything in it's place. 


He disappeared into the house to get some photos from his portfolio.   This bird (the flare is on his photo for a change) is part of a large mural he is painting for a wealthy Nepali.  101_1664 

Fritzi by Raj, awaiting Nepali lettering.


Fritzi and Louis by Amar awaiting lettering.

Another post coming in a half hour!  Stay tuned!

Fire on the Mountain!

We were up in Kagbeni, and enjoying a quiet game of cards when we looked up to a huge cloud of smoke billowing up from the Jomsom area.


That's our balcony leading off our room at the Red House on the left, and our last good view of Niligiri's white mountainside for a few days.   The wildfire burnt scarce forest land just down the canyon from Thini, a Bon town just across from Jomsom.   101_0158 

The fire raged on for days, being fought by the soldiers from the Army Post in Jomsom.   The smoke blew down towards Muktinath obscuring the view of Thorung La Pass from our rooftop restaurant at the Red House Lodge.  


Time for some views without smoke!   Here is Jharkot with its lovely mountain behind.


Just another lovely sunset from our rooftop in Jharkot.


A meadow view looking down towards Jharkot from Ranipaua.


This is a view of Jhong from across the Valley.  This area is well known for it's lovely farmland and fields.

If anyone tells you that trekking up in Mustang or in the Kali Gandaki region in June or July is not good, please don't listen.   This is one of the best times of the year, and you will be assured of the 'best room in the house'!

I'm going to be picking up some nes signboards later today.   Tune in tomorrow for the latest Danger Dogs.

Which would you choose?

This is the fun part.   I welcome you to put in your two cents worth when I ask 'Which would you choose?'

After the three artists all deliver and finish the lettering, I will be posting the three choices offered to each pet owner.   Let me know what you think!


Cody, a Portuguese Water Dog before it was cool, by Punam, Sabala and Hari Timsina (clockwise from top left).


Darby the long-haired dachshund times three.   By Asha (aka Nara), Sabala and Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.


Roger was a hero to his owner, after alerting her to a burglar and scaring the bad guy away.   This is a first for the Danger Dog oeuvre...Ganesh!  The artists really liked this one, I can tell.  By Sufraj, Sagar and Sabala (clockwise from top left).


Cheeto and Scooter are now official Danger Cats.  By Sabala, Punam and Jit Gurung.  Which would you choose?


Here's an idea of what our room looks like at the Dragon Guest House.   It changes every night.


Here's our bedside, with our sweet Ginger, the Buff Orpington, looking on.   Apparently, Ginger has been off on an adventure for the last couple of weeks, and only turned up to get her ration of cheese in the last couple of days.   All's well that ends well.   She was probably off brooding somewhere.   Or there's a big clutch of eggs that should be nice and ripe when we find them.   Laz the Pit bull in miniature looks on.


Sunset view from our room.


Sunset with friends over the Boudhanath stupa.   Taken at the Saturday Cafe, on one of the four holiest days of the year.   Loved the little crescent moon.

Miscellaneous Danger Dogs from Nepal!

It seems the Monsoon has arrived in full force.   Today the rain started early and continues at a furious pace.  There have been many strikes lately of the public transportation, making getting around expensive (taxis charge a tourist premium) and difficult.   But the rain is much needed.   Already the rice farmers may be too late to plant.   This is the latest monsoon in over 80 years.101_1462

These are three Nepali dachshunds at play.   Born in April '09 to a litter of 7 - 6 boys and a girl, Kungsang, in the middle above, was the first out and now lives on his own.   But he gets to visit his brothers, Tashi and Tinsley, weekly and clearly enjoys himself.   His father is the largest dashshund I've ever seen, and his mother is a long-haired doxie from Holland, brought in to give some genetic diversity to the Nepali dachshund pool.   101_1419 

The dad, big though he is, only has one testicle and the owner was worried when the mom turned up pregnant.   Who got over that fence?   Turned out that Dorje (means 'thunderbolt' in Tibetan) wasn't throwing blanks after all.   The mom's name is Dolma.101_1365

New works by Sagar are coming in.   Above is Lucy Levin by Sagar and Mollie by Sagar.   I have to apologize to Lucy.   I thought she was a Jack Russell, but she is a cattle dog!


Pinky and Lulu, Lucy again, the Sphinx Kitty (all by Sagar) and Paws by Sabala.


Amar's work in progress on some new Danger Dogs.   Here is Lucy, MacGuffin, Lulu, Brocco, Scottie and Tippy awaiting their background color and finishing touches.


Amar hard at work on Corton and Louis.


Lulu, MacGuffin and Ferdinand waiting for lettering.


Lucy, Brocco and Scottie await their finsishing touch.   All by Amar. 


Anitra Shrestha is Amar's daughter, come to visit him at work.


We went out looking for more artists the other day into new territory and found these signs.


A late entry into this Danger Dog cycle got lucky!   She asked for a primitive artist, and this is the sample work on the artist's door.   Keep your paws crossed, Fritzi!  


This beauty was found on the main street.   Usually you have to walk down small lanes to get this lucky!


This is an old friend that I came upon, thought you might like to see it.  

If you'd still like to order your Danger Dog for early August delivery, time is running out!   But you can still be the first to order for the October trip.   Contact me at