Pick up at Sabala's
I'm still wild about Hari!


Sufraj was also ready today!
Above is Roger with Ganesh, Lucy the Jack Russell, and Sonny, now a golden Retriever.   Love those legs off to the side.  
Here is Sufraj with Pinky the Jack Russell and his prototype beauty shop signboard.
Please remember that these guys can paint anything you can dream up!  
And, while I was at it, I had him do a few more portraits of President Obama.   Luckily, he made him a person of color.   Last November, I had a slight problem when he gave Obama the 'Fair and Lovely' skin-whitening treatment.   When I took the photo of Sufraj above and showed him his image, he shook his head and said 'so black'.   I replied 'Kala ramro ho' ('Black is good.' in Nepali.)


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