Dogs of Mustang and the Kali Gandaki
The very first Danger Turtles

The Danger Dogs just keep coming!


Here are the finals of King and Princess, an adorable pair of Pomeranians.   By Sabala, Dilip, and Nara (clockwise from upper left).   Nara obviously didn't understand that they were to be on the same signboard.  


Dilip, Sabala and Nara (clockwise from top left) and their portraits of Agatha the Great Dane.


The Wise Georgie and his final portraits by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.  I find it interesting that all of the artists painted him against a blue background.  


Merlin the Magic Dog by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.


Simon, his lettering drying at Nara's, takes a ride on a motorcycle in Kathmandu!


Amar hard at work on Paws and Mollie.


The cute Corton by Sabala, Nara, Amar and Santosh.   I need to have the lettering changed once again on the one by Amar.   They keep wanting to make one 'Be Aware of Dog' with this painting.   Yikes!


Pinky and Lulu the Jack Russell Terriers and their double portraits.   By Sagar, Megh Raj and Sabala (clockwise from upper left).


Fritzi's final three are by Manoj, Amar and Raj (clockwise from top left).


Finally, Megh Raj with his portrait of Gustavo, complete with it's Nepali lettering.

This trip is winding down, but please come by this site and read about the Danger Dogs.   They are always up to something!   I will also be trying to get the Dogs in museum shops around the country, so that more people can see them in person.   These paintings are on metal, approximately one square foot, and the artists are paid a fair trade price for their work.  


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