More Danger Dogs (and Cats)
More final Danger Dogs are in.

Three of a kind!

Followers of this site might notice a trend in Nepali dog signboard art -- they like pink (or red) tongues on their Danger Dogs.   I think  I need to add an advice column for how to get the best, most juicy Danger Dog.   In the right mood, even a dog who 'wouldn't say boo to a ghost' can be painted as scary.

Of course the proliferation of Zen, Dharma, Enlightened and Happy Dogs show that most of these dogs are not scary at all.  

Jake, a pitbull-greyhound mix, is a good example of that tongue the Nepali artists love.


By Hari Prasad, Sabala and Nara (clockwise from top left).

I thought Nara had captured him.  Sabala gave him a pink background and brought out his impressionistic side.  And finally I saw Hari Prasad's version with the little toenails peeking out from under his breastbone -- who could choose?  Nepali artists love teeth, gums and tongues most of all -  and Jake has them in spades!   Notice also that all 3 artists chose to highlight his green collar.   Hari P, with his love of shadow, gave Jake a fuller presence than Nara or Sabala.   Nara's is signed "Nara Arts, Balanku USC, Kathmandu, Nepal" on the reverse.   


Here is an example of three excellent paintings from the same photo.   But only one looks like the dog in question.   The others look like other dogs, though.   Above:  Lucy the Jack Russell terrier by Nara, Sufraj and Sabala.  (Clockwise from top left.)


Sonny, by Sufraj, Sabala and Megh Raj.   (clockwise from top left.)   What color is Sonny in reality?  

Thank you all for your support of these Nepali artists.   Today, I pick up finals from Amar and Dilip.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


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