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Agility Dogs!

I had never heard of agility dog training when I started the Danger Dogs.   But this is a popular sport and fun for both the dogs and their companions.


Dylan, a true Danger Dog, by Sabala.   


This is the photo that Sabala worked with.   Sabala was able to capture the muscularity of Dylan as he goes through his paces (and improved the background a bit, too).


Ramesh painted this portrait from the same photo.   This is still available, by the way.


This is Bliss, another famous Danger Dog, who is a star with the pupular (sic)  'Dancing with the Dogs.'    She is also one of the dog critics at www.alphadogshopper.com.   


Hari T had fun with this one.   This is still available.


Bliss by Sabala is the second from the left, here waiting for her Devil Dog lettering.


Dylan, again, 'pented by Amar.   Dylantunnelkiln

And Dylan's original photo.    Dylan was such a dog that on his way to be euthanized, he barked heartily at the Sinclair station's Dino the Dinosaur, protecting Rosemary from danger to the last.   I wish I could have met him.  He looks like a spectacular Danger Dog.

More tomorrow.   Stay tuned.   

If you'd like to know prices, or have any questions at all, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.   And if you'd like to know more about agility dogs, please go to AlphaDogshopper.com

And please remember, if you'd like your own Danger Dog or Cat (agile or lazy), send me a photo and I will give that photo to at least 3 talented artists who really need the work.   If you think our economy is bad, try trying to make a living in Nepal.   


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